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Angello Villarreal, Ed.D.

17th January, 2023

In 2006, I arrived to this country without knowing a word of English. I failed tests to get into the educational program so many times, I had to drop classes as working and studying was too much. When I thought Education was not for me anymore, my son was born and gave me a different perspective of doing what I love for the people I love. Since then, I graduated with my masters & doctoral degree, have been published, presented at national conferences, and achieved state and national awards. Although those are personal achievements, nothing compares to truly connect with my students and support them beyond the lesson and to believe that they are more than just a letter grade. Seeing their smiles, being there when they need an adult to believe in them, and listen to their achievements and struggles are truly the essence of going beyond teaching.

The paths to being an educator and to being in the classroom teacher are challenging; but, it is truly worth it.