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WRITERS PROMISE4, an all-volunteer program of Fundamentals for Kids Inc., is designed to give children firsthand experience with writing for an authentic purpose. The program delivers Education, Enthusiasm, Entertainment and Engagement (E4) via the lost art of letter writing.

Using creative writing talents to develop a monthly correspondence with elementary school students, trained
literacy volunteers share their thoughts and experiences
about books and life via handwritten letters, stories, poems, book reviews and vocabulary puzzles. Writing prompts and guidelines are provided for both students and volunteers.

Writing letters to an authentic audience is one of the most valuable and pleasurable experiences beginning writers can have. Writing develops children's imagination and enhances reading and communication skills; illustrating letters promotes creativity. Imagination, creativity, and communication are the skills that help children achieve. The WRITERS PROMISE4 program makes the experience tangible, meaningful and rewarding for children, preserving their thoughts and ideas for deeper contemplation and reflection. Sharing their letters and stories with trained literacy volunteers affords each child a sense of pride in his or her own writing.

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

I really look forward to my letters from my student! I love learning about the world through the eyes of a 5th grader. We discuss culture and art and music and food! She freely
shares her philosophies on many topics, and the interchange is enlightening. I can tell that the students anticipate their "snail mail" letters from us, and in such a fast-paced digital age, I believe the art of penmanship and the virtue of patience are invaluable lessons to be mastered.
Liz C.

The children light right up when they check the mailbox and receive an envelope with their name on it. They can't wait to read their letters aloud to each other and to their teacher. They
clamor to write back immediately. These letters are more than just words to them. They are tangible expressions of human bonds, allowing kids to feel cared for, connected and valued. One student professed that she slept with her PencilPALS letters under her pillow at night. A 2nd Grader named Kaya explains: "PencilPALS are nice to have because they are a different kind of friend. You know they are listening to you and always wanting to know what you are doing. It's like another part of your family."

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