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Vigo County School Corporation - Adult Education

Listing Last Update: January 21, 2020


961 Lafayette Ave
Terre Haute, IN 47804

Primary Contact

Doug Dillion

(812) 462-4070

Educational services

  • To read and write better
  • To study for my high school equivalency exam
  • To learn English
  • To improve my math skills

Instruction Type

  • Classroom
  • Computer

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Mission Statement

The Vigo County School Corporation will equip students with lifelong learning skills and prepare them to become productive and responsible citizens.

Cost info: Adult Education classes, including study materials are free. Those that wish to take the High School Equivalency Exam will have to pay the test fee. We offer scholarships to help offset some of the exam cost.

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

DD believes that the HSE will allow him to obtain employment in the field he has always wanted to work in as well as make his family proud of him. He would like to be a high school coach.

DH says that not having an education leads to destruction in life. He said he came to a breaking point in his life and now wants to better himself. He will use his HSE to go on to post-secondary and be successful in today's society.

GG shared that an HSE will open doors for her, will help her begin her life, and attaining it is the most important thing to her right now. She plans to attend post-secondary and wants a career in animal training.

JM will better her life by attaining her HSE. She will be able to get a decent paying job, attend cosmetology school, and gain self-gratification by making her family proud.

BC will be able to apply for better jobs and provide for his family with his HSE. Being a high school dropout has kept him from many opportunities. He will be able to consider more education and build his skills in cartoon animation and graphic design.

DC will use his HSE to apply to post-secondary schools and take the courses he needs to get a degree in business management. His goal is to open his own business.

LH wants to get her HSE so she can go to college. She wants to study criminology and psychology. With a career, she can earn an income that will allow her to provide her family with the things they need and also some of the things that they want.

BB feels that an HSE is the first step to a brighter future. He will be able to go to college and pursue a career that will yield a livable wage. He will shape his future into something he can enjoy.

MP's panic attacks and chronic anxiety have kept her from graduating from high school. She knew she was smart enough
but her massive panic attacks got in the way and left her defeated. Attaining her HSE allows her to praise herself for meeting this goal and gives her a second chance to strive for
excellence. She plans to go to college in Florida and major in English.

JW will enjoy his life to the fullest after getting his HSE. He will attend college, become fully independent, and follow his dreams.

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