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150 West Michigan Street
Orlando, FL 32806

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Carla Cox

(407) 650-0774 Ext:1716


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Monday through Friday 9:00am-7:00pm

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Program Overview

The Success Training Employment Program (STEP) provides a transformative education experience to those who wish to find a job, be successful in that job, and find a sustainable way to improve their income. Classroom topics range from more interpersonal areas such as emotional intelligence and professionalism to more technical subjects like computer skills and resume writing. This is a six week classroom course that meets five days a week for four hours, and is a serious commitment. Please visit our website for more information and orientation dates.

Classes provided Monday & Wednesday 5:30-8:30 pm $30.00 per term (money order only)...Students are expected to attend on a regular basis...Students must abide by the Orange County Public School Codes of Conduct.

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Cost Info

Success Training Employment Program Class: no cost GED Classes Through Orange Technical College: $30.00 per semester

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

For Elaine, STEP helped her find a vision for herself. Recently laid off from work, she was searching for a job and found that, with more advanced computer skills, she could reenter the workforce with a greater salary. Elaine turned to STEP. She had already known about the program and showed up on the first day, dressed business ready, with a goal in mind: to boost her computer skills and eventually get her OSHA (construction safety) certification.

Eager to learn and willing to stay after class day after day, Elaine quickly acquired the technical skills she set out to strengthen. But after going through the six-week course, she found that the emotional component empowered her on a more personal level. She rekindled a sense of self-growth that she had lost. The classes on emotional intelligence taught her to become a strong self-evaluator, determined to invest in herself and to take her progress into her own hands.

Elaine is a caretaker at heart. For years she has been looking after those in her community, checking-in like family does and preparing extra food at dinnertime for those who could use it. And while she may prefer hard work to office work, she sees her OSHA certification as step toward her larger goal to help others
and to go into counseling. On the last day of classes, confident in her plan and her skills, she says she "wants to help others out of their darknesses," and help others find the vision of themselves like she was able to.

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Education services

  • Study for my high school equivalency exam
  • Improve my technology skills
  • Volunteer at a program

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  • In-person
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