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The Dr. Annise Mabry Foundation

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Contact Information

102 South Street
Marshallville, GA 31057

Primary Contact

Annise Mabry

(650) 741-5019

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm

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Program Overview

The goal of the Tiers Free program is to improve the lives of young adults and older adults by providing a path to obtain a high school diploma. Some students in the Tiers Free Program have struggled in traditional schools because they had gaps in learning that were never addressed.

Students move through their Tiers Free courses at their own pace and are provided intensive support to ensure that they master each skill. This self-paced, mastery-based academic approach ensures that each student is successful and also enables some students to accelerate their progress and graduate sooner.

Our program is done 100% online and does not require onsite attendance. Tiers Free allows students to balance their academic careers with their other obligations.

Cost Info

There is a monthly participant cost for this program. Community scholarships are available on a limited basis.

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

Student Experience Using Tiers Free Program

1. Why did you select the Tiers Free program? I selected the Tiers Free Program because no other schooling was working for me the teachers didn't want to teach me or the others students as soon as I started the homeschooling program I instantly began to progress in my senior year and I can actually understand what the teachers are teaching because they explain it so I am able to comprehend the lessons.

2. Was the program harder than you imagined? No, the program is very understandable the teachers break the lessons down so you actually understand them.
3. How much academic support did you have if you encountered a challenge? If you need extra help with the lessons to further your knowledge they have extra help videos.
4. What kept you motivated to finish? When I started off my senior year at a different homeschool I wasn't understanding any of the lessons the teachers would not give any extra help and it was very hard to learn I was making F's. I was motivated to finish because I had the support from the amazing Dr. Annise Mabry the founder of the Tiers Free Program. She never gave up on me and knew that I would graduate on time through her program.J.C. (Class of 2017)

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Education services

  • Read and write better
  • Help my child learn
  • Study for my high school equivalency exam
  • Improve my technology skills
  • Volunteer at a program

Instruction Type

  • Online