Logan County Adult Education

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Hello I am an ESL Instructor helping my fellow immigrants learn English. I want them to be comfortable and be able to speak and communicate to native English speakers. 9 years ago I was an adult learner, then after I got my citizenship, I became a volunteer for 2 years at the school that I attended. When I became a new US citizen, I became a volunteer as part of my civic duty to the community by volunteering to a different organization. In 2016 I became an ESL teacher and was paid by $9/20 hours a week without benefits from the same school I served. I accepted it because I love my students, sacrifice my own benefits because I saw their enthusiasm to learn and motivated. I love to teach and being around my fellow immigrants we built a very good connections not only from being their teacher but as a friends too. I want to pursue to help them but sometimes it's hard, we I don't have funds to buy supplies or snacks and I want to help them as best as I can. Sometimes I cook food for them so that they have something to eat while I am teaching because I know how hard it is working at the farm, factories and taking their children. I offer what ever I have at home. If I have spare food I bring it to the class. I am so happy to read your program that you can help individuals or programs that make a difference to each individual. It amazes me how generous Dollar General Literacy is giving away money to those deserve and I told to myself how I wish me too so that I can continue to help my students individual needs. It a big impact to me when I heard the speaker during the COABE New Orleans conference. Hope I have a helping hands to make a difference. The photo is of ESL students celebrating Memorial Day.

Crawford County Volunteers for Literacy

The student being highlighted was directed to our Literacy Council through a program initiated through the local court system. As an alternative to being incarcerated individuals are give the opportunity to enhanced their literacy skills through a training program found at CCVL. One student, James, has continued beyond his court requirement and continues in our program with hopes of eventually obtaining his GED. He entered the program reading at a fourth grade level. The challenge will be difficult but his commitment has been made and he is remaining ever constant in the pursuit. He attends regularly with an eager interest in learning. We are tremendously excited to have James as one of our students and plan to offer every support measure to aid him in his eventual accomplishment.

Anointed Community Services International

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I was able to gain work experience and learn from a wonderful teacher Linda Cowels. During the 5 years I spent at A.C.S.I, I was able to boost my confidence, and help hundreds of people in all different types of ways with the services A.C.S.I had to offer. I learned a lot of new things working there. I was able to obtain my High School Diploma threw Sumter Adult Education. I also received my CPR/BLS/AED certification. I also obtained my food stamp certification to help people obtain food stamp or other benefits through the Department of Children and Family. I also received my Domestic Violence certification. I received my Notary License. I would say that the 5 years I spent at A.C.S.I was the best years of my life. If I were able to continue to work there I definitely would, I would probably work there until I was able to retire from there.

Project Literacy of Greater Bergen County

Student Roseta says being a student of Project Literacy makes me try to be a better person. Watching all these people who dedicate their knowledge, their time, their money, makes me ask myself: what am I doing for helping others? I try to help others even on everyday simple things. In the future I look forward to volunteering and maybe I can make a difference in someone else's life. Project Literacy is a wonderful program.

Operation Equivalency - TASC/GED Prep Program

Before OE, I couldn't understand math, but now I understand it better. The teacher goes over and over and breaks the problem down until we get it, which I think has been very helpful for me. I'm proud of being here. I'm really am!

Operation Equivalency - TASC/GED Prep Program

My reading skills has really improved ever since I've been here. I'm reading more, I'm asking more questions, and I'm actually better at understanding what I am reading.

ESL In-Home Program of Northern Nevada

Witnessing the progression of English language in adult immigrants and refugees which my program serves, is heartwarming and immeasurably rewarding. As my learners progress to each level of our language and then become U.S. citizens is the joy of my life. The ESL In-Home Program of Northern Nevada was created in 2004 and in 2008 was given the nonprofit status. It provides educational programs in ESL, GED Preparation, Workplace Communication, Computer Literacy and U.S. Citizenship study at no cost. Our trained ESL community volunteers tutor at the student's availability in the homes of the student or tutor, as well as in public sites (i,.e., library). We teach morning, noon, night, weekends, holidays at no cost to the learner. My program has helped over 6,000 adult immigrant and refugee families in 5 counties of Northern Nevada: Carson, Washoe, Douglas, Lyon and Churchill Counties. Our learners have found jobs, were advanced in their employment, communicate with their children's teachers and medical personnel without interpreters, help their children with homework and other school activities, shop in English-speaking stores, and some have enrolled in higher education. 301 have become U.S. citizens.

Anne Arundel County Literacy Council

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"Susann played a huge role in helping me pass the GED," student Sarah said. "Thanks to her tutoring, I was able to score in the top 5 percent of the country. I am very thankful for the help I got from the Anne Arundel County Literacy Council."