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1100 NW 14th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73106

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Early Birds Parent Program

(405) 609-1653

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Program Overview

Sunbeam Family Services offers four programs - early childhood services, foster care, counseling and programs for seniors.

Learning begins long before a child starts kindergarten. Sunbeam Family Services Early Childhood Program is a leader in early childhood education, preparing children and their families, prenatal to five, to enter kindergarten with the skills necessary to be ready for school and life.
Studies show that early learning strengthens a child's verbal and math abilities, prepares them socially to interact with others, teaches them self-regulation skills and supports development to the fullest potential. Sunbeam helps families who might normally have difficulty in accessing high quality early learning and care programs by providing home-based and full-day, full-year center-based services free of charge.
In addition to education, families are matched with a Family Advocate that helps parents problem-solve, locate necessary resources within the community and to set and achieve individual goals. Also, children who are a part of Sunbeam's Early Childhood Programs have access to free medical, dental, mental health and family support services. To walk alongside our families, we support and partner with early childhood programs across the metro-area including Oklahoma City Educare, Tony Reyes Bilingual Early Childhood Center and Emerson Alternative High School Early Childhood Center, to name only a few.

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Student and Volunteer Success Stories

"Thanks to Sunbeam, I was able to continue my education. To me, Sunbeam is my family. They have been such an amazing support to me!" - Kerstin Gonzales

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Education services

  • Find a family literacy program
  • Help my child learn
  • Volunteer at a program

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  • In-person
  • Instruction in multiple languages