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South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project

Listing Last Update: February 6, 2019


892 E. 48th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90011

Primary Contact

Diana Pinto

(323) 234-1471 Ext:108

Educational services

  • Reading and writing
  • To help my child learn
  • English language
  • How to use Computers/Technology
  • Volunteer at a Program

Instruction Type

  • Classroom
  • Family literacy program

Program Overview

South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project (SC LAMP) is a non-sectarian, non-denominational, 501(c)(3) organization founded by a group of Catholic women religious in response to the 1992 civil unrest in South Los Angeles. Today, we continue to serve the South Los Angeles community through our core Family Literacy Program, which engages children ages 0-5 and their mothers in an integrated, mutually supporting three-year curriculum that includes early childhood education, parenting classes, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, intergenerational literacy activities, and personalized family advocacy.

The program operates 5 days/week from September–June and is augmented through partnerships with local agencies, which provide families with additional resources at no cost, such as health screenings, educational workshops, food, transportation assistance, and new books for children. In the summer, we offer a "camp" session for families that includes learning activities and field trips.

Mission Statement

South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project provides a supportive, nurturing environment for economically poor women and their families. We do this by offering educational programs that empower women and their families to reach their full potential, build self-esteem, and strengthen mutual interdependent relations.

Hours of operation: 8am - 5pm

Cost info: All services are provided free of charge to the community.

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

The following statement from a graduate demonstrates just one example of the program's impact: "As a woman, I feel more secure and I have a higher self-esteem. My self-esteem was very low before I started the program. Back then I faced a lot of fears, and at SC LAMP they showed us all the resources we have in our community to help us overcome these fears. They taught us how to go out and ask, that way we can get more informed. They taught us the importance of looking beyond our expectations and not just stick to the minimum. So, desire for both of my kids to excel in their education and become somebody in this life. I want to give them the support they need in everything they do. I don't want them to stay behind or just finish high school and stay content with that. I want to push them to always reach a higher education. My daughter wakes up with a book in her hand, then she is coloring or writing. She is going to start kindergarten and is already reading books in English and Spanish, and at a reading level for 9 to 10 years old."

Program’s Demographics/Metrics

SC LAMP serves low-income families (children ages 0-5 and their mothers) in South Los Angeles. Families are primarily Hispanic and Spanish-speaking.

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