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348 E Main St.
Lexington, KY 40509

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Matt Hogg

(859) 420-4644

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Program Overview

Remix Education travels the country using a giant mascot, Jiggy, wildly interactive games and skits to teach students of all ages important character traits. Our major character education topics are substance abuse prevention, literacy, bully prevention, testing preparation, leadership and many more. We use culturally relevant material and games to gain the attention of every student and teacher. By creating material relevant to youth, we connect with the students' interests and share our message in a way they can relate with. Our highly interactive methods encourage greater focus by the students and create a memorable environment where valuable lessons are learned.

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Cost Info

Our standard literacy program costs $850 plus $0.50/mile. We offer special discounts for schools and organizations in need of help. For multiple bookings within a specific county, the costs decrease with the addition of other local schools.

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

They were awesome! They were very motivating carried a powerful message to our students about the importance of testing.
– Woodlawn Elementary School, Christie Sharp, Guidance Counselor

It was better than we anticipated, our students laughed, cheered, and screamed. Everybody had a great time and Ithink they will be very motivated to do well on the CATS test!
– Camp Dick Robinson Elementary School, Michelle Carver, Guidance Counselor

We had a great experience. We actually had two shows, one for grade testing for our primary students and the other for CATS testing. It was so wonderful! The kids were so excited and were fired up for testing. I'm sure they will remember the strategies when they take the test. The most fun was when I got silly stringed! The teachers and students all being involved- we think it is well worth it. We encourage you to also be a REMIX person as well.

-Booker T. Washington Academy, Wendy Brown, Principal

This is the best program we have ever
had. I think our kids are now ready for the test and I'm excited about what they will be able to do. I appreciate REMIX and what they've been able to do as far as encouraging the students and getting them ready to go.
– Warner Elementary, Val Gallutia, Principal

Awesome performance. had an empowering message for our students as well as being fun.
-Central City Elementary, Cindy Stone, Guidance Counselor

We really enjoyed it. It was so
interactive. They went through some great core content testing points.
The kids we so involved: hamsterballs, the toilet paper shooter, pie in
the face, and silly string. It was so much fun, yet very educational.
They got us really pumped up for the CATS test!
– Brookside Elementary, Sara Saylor, Principal

It was interactive, fun filled, and
action packed! The best part were the points about testing: coming
prepared and tips for doing their best on the test!
– Brookside Elementary, Stephanie Carson, Physical Education Teacher

The program was age appropriate and it
really pulled the kids in. The choice of music that was played was what
the kids are into. They loved the games and were definitely paying
attention when she spoke between the games. The whole package was really
good, especially for this age group.
– Rockcastle Middle School, Cassandra Smith, Music Teacher

We enjoyed the show immensely . Our
students were fired up and ready to listen. We had a great time
celebrating anti drugs. I would highly recommend this program to any
– Mt. Vernon Elementary Leon Davidson, Principal

These guys did a great job and they really exceeded my expectations. The kids loved it! They rocked the house down at Stonewall!
– Stonewall Elementary, Monica Noble, Physical Education Teacher

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