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Before creating a new account and program listing:
  • Please ensure that the program's information does not already appear on the National Literacy Directory by searching the program's ZIP code(s) using the Quick Search feature.
  • Please ensure that the program listing information meets the National Literacy Directory's guidelines.

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Please ensure the email address is valid and regularly monitored. The National Literacy Directory will send referrals to this email address, as well as NLD announcements and a biweekly news-aggregated email. This email address does not appear on the program listing.

Program Information

This information appears on public-facing pages. The program information provided below will display on the program listing. This program listing is viewable on the National Literacy Directory and through web searches. Partner organizations also link to National Literacy Directory program listings.

The National Literacy Directory's search feature works best if the address listed is where programming takes place. If programming does not take place at a set location (online, tutors meet at various locations, etc.), please add a P.O. Box. If your organization does not have a P.O. Box, please contact NLD Support.

In order for the map to precisely locate your program, please ensure the above address is correct and then click the "Get Latitude/Longitude" button. This will automatically fill in the required Latitude and Longitude fields.

Click "Get Latitude/Longitude" button to fill this in automatically.
Click "Get Latitude/Longitude" button to fill this in automatically.
Primary Contact Information

This information appears on public-facing pages. The National Literacy Directory call center also provides callers with the name, phone number, and email address listed in this section. If the program is not comfortable providing a primary contact, please add a contact description (Front Desk, Adult Education Department, etc.) in this section.

Please enter phone number in the following format: (999) 999-9999.

Program Links

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Education Services*

Select the options from which visitors to the NLD may select, as related to programming. If the program only offers education services for children, please select "Help my child learn." The other options are associated with adult education classes. If the program offers free high school equivalency credential classes, please select "Study for my high school equivalency exam." Programs with free high school equivalency credential classes will also be listed on

(families attend together)
(check this if the program is looking for volunteers)

Instruction Type

Program Costs
Program Overview

This section is intended to help people in the community learn more about the program. Please note that this section should be written for a public audience, not for a grant application. Please use text that is at a 4th–6th grade reading level and that provides easily accessible information about the program (who can attend, information about the services provided, additional information about the program's location, or any other information that prospective students/volunteers may need to know). For more information, please reference our Program Manager Guidelines. 1,000 character max.


PNG or JPEG files only. Optimal image dimensions: 300 x 200 px (WxH).

PNG or JPEG files under 4MiB.

Student or Volunteer quotes or success stories

DISCLAIMER: By adding this story of success, I acknowledge that it will be shared publicly in accordance with the National Literacy Directory's Privacy Policies. Please do not share last names of students/volunteers unless they have provided consent. If the story I am sharing is not my own, I have obtained permission from the highlighted student/volunteer to share this story.

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