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Real World English for English Language Learners

Listing Last Update: December 1, 2020


18 Laurel Brook Ct.
Greensboro, NC 27406

Primary Contact

Barbara Levin

(336) 294-1993

Educational services

  • To help my child learn
  • To learn English
  • To improve my technology skills

Instruction Type

  • Classroom
  • Computer
  • Family literacy program

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Program Overview

The Real World English for English Language Learners program begin in 2015 as a collaboration between the Coalition for Diversity in Langauage and Culture (CDLC) at UNC-Greensboro (UNCG) and Allen Middle School in Greensboro, NC. Program goals include (1) offering fourlevels of English langauge instruction to Spanish-speaking adults on Saturdays, and (2) providing STEAM learning activities for our students' school-age children. Adult and student volunteers from UNCG, Allen Middle School, and the greater Greensboro community are an integral part of this program. Due to COVID-19, RWE moved its classes online in March 2019 and as a result has expanded our student population beyond Greensboro, NC. See our Facebook page (Real World English-Greensboro) or email us at for more information.

Mission Statement

MISSION of the Real World English program: We offer a culturally-responsive program that supports language and community development through practical English instruction for adult learners.

VISION of the Real World English program: Realizing, Empowering, Advocating, Leading

Hours of operation: Saturdays 9 AM-12 noon

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

Testimonials from returning Real World English students

We asked several Real World English students who were with us last year to tell us: Why did you decide to come back? What do you like about the program? These are their responses:

IRENE: Because I have learned and I want to learn more and understand more and speak more. I like that they make us read, spell, and learn new words.

CRUZ: I like this program very much. I enjoy my English classes. They are fun. The teachers are very good.

SUSANA: I am learning. My English has improved. It's a very good program, it is free, and my son has fun too.

THERESA : I have come back this semester because in here I learn English in a fun way. In my case, I learned a lot the last semester.

EVA: I decided to return to this program because it is a good opportunity to learn, it is free, and I can bring my children. I need English to help my kids and for myself.

I came back because I want to improve my English and be able to help my children. It is free and the teachers are awesome. These things make me feel good.

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Program’s Demographics/Metrics

Real World English has offered free three-hour English classes for adult learners on 24 Saturdays during the Fall and Spring since Jan. 2015. Four levels of English are offered with class sizes of 6 -15 adult learners. We also offer free STEAM activities for school-age children every Saturday. Attendance averages 35-45 adults and 30-35 children each week. Adult students continue semester to semester and progress from level to level, but new stduents are welcome every semester. Reading materials provided in English and Spanish for home reading. Guest speakers, fieldtrips, simulations, and celebrations are included every semester. UNCG student volunteers have provided more than 1000 hours each year serving as conversation partners for adult students and/or working with the children.

Program Status: