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We provide families, schools, and communities with knowledge, skills, and resources necessary for engaging in student learning, all in addition to developing parent engagement curriculum and parent academies for improving literacy. Parents as Tutors' resources are incorporated with schools' existing curriculum, or used as a turnkey program for strengthening family engagement and improving academic achievement. Join us as we build teachers' and parents' capacity, in diverse school districts.

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Cost Info

Material cost per family for [phonics, grammar, vocabulary, decoding, and comprehension resources] $350.00 Resources in both English/Spanish Training Cost discussed per entity - many variables factored. Training: English only - schools usually have interpreters

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

...Joliet District 86 engages parents in children's learning District 86 parents given tools to help children outside of school Published: Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016 10:01 p.m. CST • Updated: Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016 10:02 p.m. CST

Nov 12, 2016 - Sinegar, who has two children who attend A.O. Marshall Elementary School, was one of dozens of parents who attended the Parents as Tutors ...


JOLIET – Parents like Bridgette Sinegar are getting extra help from Joliet Public Schools District 86 to be more involved in their children's learning.
Sinegar, who has two children who attend A.O. Marshall Elementary School, was one of dozens of parents who attended the Parents as Tutors pilot program earlier this fall.
The program, which focused on parents of kindergarten and first-grade students, along with a Parent University program in late October, is part of how District 86 officials are reaching out to parents and getting them involved in the education process.
"[Parents as Tutors] was very helpful, especially for parents who did not know how to help their children. It helped me to understand why they came up with the pilot program and at the grade level they started with it," Sinegar said.
District officials said increased parent involvement in schools is part of its strategic plan. Parent engagement was an action statement under the goals of the plan, said Tanisha Cannon, assistant superintendent for student services.
"Our goal is always to increase involvement and to increase awareness with our parents. They are an integral part in terms of educating their child. It's just another effort to increase [that]," Cannon said.
Cannon said during Parents as Tutors, parents are given curriculum books that include activities focusing on enhancing children's literacy skills. She said the district wants to build on foundational skills such as literacy for students in kindergarten and first grade because it's a critical time for them.
Superintendent Theresa Rouse mentioned the parent involvement programs at a chat session in September at the Forest Park Community Center, saying she hoped the Parents as Tutors program would become districtwide in the future. It was piloted at Marshall and Edna Keith Elementary School.
Rouse and other district officials held the first-ever Parent University on Oct. 22. The event included workshops that addressed academics, college and career readiness, community resources, health and wellness, special education and technology.
Parent University had a keynote speech from Clay Roberts, a consultant and speaker who worked with Rouse when she was previously superintendent at King City Union School District in California.
"My hope is this is the first of many," Rouse told a crowd of parents at the event.
Roberts introduced parents and educators to the list of 40 development assets identified by the Search Institute as the "building blocks of a healthy development" for children that include items such as family support, caring school climate, positive peer influence and more.

Those of you who are parents in this room – you are the most important person in the lives of your children. Not the school system, not the church. … And they all have a role to play, don't get me wrong," Roberts said.

He said there are families that are economically poor but "asset-rich," and vice versa. He said children don't need more things but more positive adult presences in their lives.
"Notice you can't buy what's on this list. It's not for sale. Positive values are not for sale at Target, right? So don't confuse developmental assets and economic assets," Roberts said.
The best way to build the assets in the list is for parents and peers to model, or lead by example, he said. If parents want their children to be respectful and hard working, they should be a model for it, he said.
"If you want them to be good readers, read to them. In English or in Spanish, it doesn't matter. Read. Modeling is the most powerful way of teaching," Roberts said.
Sinegar said she helps her children with their homework and to succeed in school on a daily basis.
"My goal is I'll do whatever I can – I'll communicate with the teacher – I'll do whatever I can to help my child become better than me," she said.
But taking part in the Parents as Tutors program helped to give her a better perspective on why district officials and staff are trying to help parents educate their children while also helping her to be more like a teacher at home.
"A lot of people send their kids to school and when they come home, some of the parents are not as equipped to help them out with their studies or be able to help them out of certain situations they get stumped on or encourage them to continue to their study," Sinegar said.


A friend sent me the link on Facebook and I have been browsing through the site. I am totally interested! Parents as Tutors is a welcome resource for parents. From what I've seen so far, it takes the guess work out of helping your child with language – especially phonics. My six year old is ready to enter Grade school and I am happy to have a 'go to' guide for assisting him with his language learning. The introductory video is informational and the books look colorful. You have caught my interest. Ordering my books and anchor charts now!
Mrs Grant, JWI.

I have seen phenomenal results with using the Blending and Segmenting workbook and parent guide. I started using these materials with my niece, who is nine years old. After using this program for only three months every day, for 30 minutes a day; I have seen tremendous progress for my niece who has been struggling with reading.
The workbook and parent guide really work hand in hand. The set allows customization for each child while teaching a thorough phonics program. Within days of the books arriving, Adrianna began to improve on her reading skills, so much that her teacher approached me about her success. I was happy to share my success of this program with her. Adrianna is having fun while learning how to read. She has gone from a kindergarten level of reading to a first grade and now 2nd grade level. She will soon be reading at her grade level and beyond.
I have seen all types of reading programs, but this one is far superior to any other program that I have tried. It has allowed me to help my niece to master complex reading tasks and much more. The money that I spent on these materials has been worth every penny and much more.
I look forward to purchasing the other materials. Thank you for helping me make a little girl's life less complicated. My experience with Blending and Segmenting has been life changing, so much that it warrants telling everyone, especially parents and educators.
Gail. Michigan


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and train our PTO "MAIA Parent Academy" team. A lot was accomplished and we are excited about implementing the training to our parents soon. Thank you again for the extra supplements you left with us.
Dr Ray

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