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Welcoming the Stranger

In Langhorne, Pennsylvania, hundreds of adult learners thrive at Welcoming the Stranger. This organization offers free classes to immigrants and refugees, ages 18-80, with diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. Though each classroom is diverse, Welcoming the Stranger has successfully individualized each class to ensure that they are meeting the needs of every student. Each class has at least three teachers, which creates either small group or one-on-one instruction. Classes include English as a Second Language, computer skills, and citizenship preparation.

The community of Langhorne recognizes Welcoming the Stranger's commitment to each student as well. In the past two years, this organization has experienced a 147% increase in student enrollment, currently serving over 900 students.

A 147% enrollment increase means that the needs of students have also dramatically increased. With a budget devoted to meeting these needs, professional development opportunities are extremely limited. The COABE Conference will provide Welcoming the Stranger with opportunities to learn more about topics such as trauma, English language learning, literacy skills, and life skills.

We are excited to welcome Meg Eubank from Welcoming the Stranger to the 2019 COABE Conference!