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Literacy Green Bay

Kathy Cornell has attended many conferences – but she's never experienced a conference dedicated to two-generation approaches across the educational spectrum – from libraries to schools to adult education. Her organization, Literacy Green Bay in Wisconsin, annually serves 800 adults and 100 children enrolled in programs covering everything from ELL classes and family literacy programming to citizenship instruction and workforce development.

"I hope that this conference will provide me with opportunities to network with other family literacy providers, examine different existing family literacy models and partnerships, and learn effective strategies for developing collaborative partnerships in which all partners are accountable for its success," she said.

Her organization's biggest challenges include procuring stable and continuous sources of funding and resources, along with collecting the data to demonstrate program outcomes and results due to data privacy rules the local school system has in place.

"I hope to learn strategies for building my case for collective impact so I can attract funding, community awareness and support for our family literacy programs."