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Course Description: The course consists of 120 hours of both theory and clinical training in long term care facilities. Both aspect of the program incorporate the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1987 guidelines for Nursing Assistant education as well as the most current module requirement of Virginia Department of Health professions. Emphasis is placed on Nursing Assistant skills and functions and the psychological approach to care. Throughout the course, caring understanding, respect for the individual, personal choice and dignity of person and attitudes are conveyed to the Nurse Aide. A Nursing Assistant will be involved in direct patient/resident care or assist with care of the keeping and home health services. Patient/resident unit and or equipment, charting, record Nursing Assistant: Program Objectives: At the end of the program, student will be able to: 1. Define the term Nursing Assistant and be certified as a Nursing Assistant 2. List members of the health team and identify their roles 3. Demonstrate the ability to get along with other care team members 4. List positive personal qualities of a Nursing Assistant. 5. List four ways the Nursing Assistant can avoid legal problems 6. Define the term ethics and list of violations of ethics 7. Discuss different health departments and how they relate to the Nursing. 8. Locate and identify various departments of health care facility. 9. Report to the class, research results of job opportunity and interviews 10. Describe the programs that pay for healthcare services. 11. Explain why standards should be met 12. Describe the standards for Nursing Assistant developed by the National Council of State Board of Nursing. 13. List the reasons for denying, suspending, or revoking a Nursing Assistant’s certification. 14. Identify the information in the Nursing registry 15. Describe the training and competency evaluation requirements for Nursing Assistants. 16. Explain how to obtain certification, or registration in another states 17. Explain the job description and limitations for Nursing Assistant 18. Describe the delegation process 19. Explain the Nursing Assistant’s role in the delegation process. 20. Explain how to accept and refuse a delegation task 21. Explain professionalism and list examples of profession behaviors

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Nursing Assistant Number SA-NA101-108 Nursing Assistant curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers in health care under the supervision of a licensed nurse. Students will learn the basic entry level nursing skills to work in healthcare industry.

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