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Love 2 Learn and Learn 2 Grow

Listing Last Update: February 2, 2015


2220 N. Classen
Suite E
Oklahoma City , OK 73012

Primary Contact

Teresa Greene

(405) 657-9236

Educational services

  • Reading and writing
  • To help my child learn
  • Math
  • How to use Computers/Technology

Instruction Type

  • Classroom
  • Computer

Program Overview

Our mission is to increase the academic grade level our children and the educational level and involvement of parents. We try to achieve this goal through assisting children and families to increase their reading and math skills. We assist parents with their reading level and educational goals to enhance their ability to join their children on the path to life long learners. 1. The company has purchased a software called Moby Max. This program gives each individual a pretest and designs their academic strategy based on their scores. The program is interactive allowing case managers, teachers and parents to view and assist in the success of students. 2. Parents and children attend Saturday school and lunch is provided. Math, reading and life skills classes are taught. 3. Each family also receives a book and parents are asked to read to their children at least 30 minutes per day. 4. The staff at FOCIS meets with the family monthly to watch a movie about the book and compare and contrast the book and the movie. 5. In addition, their is a essay writing contest for each age group and for parents. Whoever writes the best story about the book gets the prize for the month. The essay must be turned in on the day of the movie or before.

Hours of operation: 9-5 Monday - Friday and 9-1 every other Saturday

Cost info: Software $100.00 a year per administrative user (2) CD players for parents who are not literate : $70.00 (10) Book: Marva Collins Story $11.71 (50) = $585.50 Movie: $9.99 (1) = $9.99 Holes: $5.71 (50) = $285.50 Movie: $17.99 (1) = $17.99 Percy Jackson : $7.19 (50) = $35.95 Movie: $6.99 (1) = $6.99 Audio: $15.01 (1) = $15.01 Three Musketeers: $12.20 (50) = $610.00 Movie: $9.60 (1) = $9.60 Eragon $16.99 (50) = $849.50 Movie $12.99 (1) = $12.99 Hunger Games Catching Fire $12.96 (50) = $648.00 Movie: $12.96 (1) = $12.96 Food: 1,250.00 FOCIS does not charge processing and administrative fees. Total $5219.98

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