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5940 N Sheridan Rd.
Chicago, IL 60660

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Ruth Orme-Johnson

(847) 869-7323

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9am - 5pm

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Program Overview

Founded in 1997 by Executive Director Karen Thomson, Literature for All of Us has been committed to literacy growth and development through a unique, trauma-informed book group model. We believe that literacy is a basic and essential human need.

Literature for All of Us has grown from serving 15 low-income teen mothers, to serving nearly 700 participants this year and over 9,000 participants to date. Starting with a single book group, the organization now serves over 30 book groups in 14 schools and community organizations. Literature for All of Us book groups serve young adults living in under-resourced areas of Chicago and Evanston.

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Cost Info

Annual budget between $500,000 and $1,000,000.

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

"I grew up where you were made fun of if you were smart; where you were talked about and teased being called names...I was never told if college was important... Hiding my story was something that I was used to until I met Literature for All of Us."

-Book Group Participant

Leaving Home by Adrienne Scanlon-Rodriguez

I left with the idea

that there was greener grass

on the other side.

Soon as I shut the door on us,

I felt our invisible strings detach themselves.

I lay at night now hoping

you were right next to me.

How could I let things get this far? Will you ever forgive me?

Can I forgive me?

One day, I hope that we can coexist in this world

knowing that I did what I had to do for me.

I left to find who I needed to be.

Maybe for you.

Adrienne was a participant in our book group program last year at Simpson Academy for Young Women, an alternative school providing support to pregnant and parenting young women in Chicago.

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