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Vulcanus Levi

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Our programming includes High School Equivalency classes (HSE) and English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes. Our HSE class is located in Manhattan and our ESOL classes are located in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.

For more than 40 years, Literacy Partners has provided free adult literacy classes to thousands of low-income New Yorkers struggling to make a better life for themselves. The adults we've served have become better readers, improved their English, and developed a love of books. They've gotten better jobs, earned High School Equivalency (HSE) certificates, and some have even gone on to college.

We provide HSE classes at our main site in Manhattan. Classes are held for 12 hours a week, operate on a semester basis in conjunction with the NY State academic school year, and take place in the evenings from 6PM to 9PM. Our classes are divided into two levels, HSE and Pre-HSE (a 5th to 12th-grade level). For enrolled students, we also have an additional class from 5PM-6PM Monday-Thursday, and Fridays from 5PM-7PM for optional tutoring. We focus on preparing our students to gain the skills necessary to take and pass the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) exam. Our program graduates are more confident, competent and self-reliant. We can make an appointment for enrollment at any time. Students fill out enrollment forms and take a placement exam. Classes can begin soon as the enrollment process is completed.

HSE: If interested in our high school equivalency class, we can make an appointment for enrollment. Students fill out enrollment forms and take a placement exam. Classes can begin as soon as the enrollment process is complete. Please note: for our HSE class, students must call 646-237-0108 in order to make the appointment.

ESOL: If interested in our ESOL class, all we would need is the student's full name, contact number and the borough site they're interested in. Their information will be sent to the students' desired borough and someone from the selected site will contact the student.

Please note: for our HSE/Pre-HSE classes, students must contact Vulcanus Levi in order to make the appointment. Students can either call to make an appointment or send an email to

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Student and Volunteer Success Stories

About Leobardo Nova, recent HSE graduate:

Life forced Leo to drop out of high school in his final semester – heartbreakingly close to the finish line. At the time, he was living with a cousin, working part-time and attending high school. With just 3 days' notice, his cousin informed him that he was moving out of state for work. Leo went from being a high school student with a part-time job to a drop-out, working two jobs in order to make ends meet.

Ever since then, Leo, 35, has wanted to go back to school to finish. He was determined to build the best life he could for his two children – 4 year old Hallie and 7 year old Jonathan.
When Leo started attending high school equivalency (HSE) classes in Staten Island, his son Jonathan was one of the poorest readers in his class and was well behind the class average. Leo started reading with Jonathan every night for 20 minutes. Based on what he learned with our teachers, he didn't force the reading, but adopted a fun and engaging approach. Jonathan made rapid progress, finishing the school year by jumping up 3 reading levels! He is excelling in school, confident and having fun. He was even recognized as Student of the Month. Best of all, after a couple months of Leo reading with Jonathan, Jonathan started reading to his younger sister, Hallie – passing on the love of reading.

In his class, Leo made progress in math and essay writing with the guidance and support of Phil Cameron, his teacher. When the time came to take the TASC exam (formerly the GED), Leo awoke with a migraine, and was given a calculator that did not function. Despite these unexpected circumstances, Leo dug into the test – and passed, earning his high school degree.
The fact that Leo was a lifelong reader was a major asset to his schoolwork. Leo says that in 9th grade, a co-worker at the pizzeria where he worked lent him a book. From then on, he was hooked. He developed a keen interest in science and news, world politics, and novels. Leo became eager to share his love of reading and knowledge with Hallie and Jonathan, as well as his peers. Phil tells us that "I always learned something in my conversations with Leo."

As is the case with so many Literacy Partners students, what Leo learned in class has had a direct and immediate impact on his children. In Jonathan's case, the impact was tremendous. Not only did Jonathan see Leo working hard on his own studies, but our Books of Their Own program helped them make family reading a daily habit.

Like Leo, many of our high school equivalency students face numerous challenges to earning their diplomas. A high school diploma is a necessary credential that opens doors to higher education, better-paying jobs, and a life of greater stability. And like Leo, our students have the intelligence and perseverance to overcome life's challenges.

After passing his TASC, Leo would like to enroll in college and pursue work in radiology. He is also saving up to buy a home for his family. We are so proud of Leo, Jonathan and Hallie, and look forward to what they will accomplish next.

This program listing was last updated: May 31, 2018.

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