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Listing Last Update: September 23, 2016


5525 Central Ave
Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80301

Primary Contact

Jess Simmons

(303) 441-9048

Educational services

  • To find a family literacy program
  • To help my child learn

Instruction Type

  • Computer
  • Family literacy program

Program Overview

LENA Home measures home language to inform and motivate parents, guide parent coaches, and track progress toward increasing interactive talk – a key factor in early brain development. Productivity-enhancing features include:

Secure, cloud-based, 24/7 data access.
Easy-to-use reports to measure parent/child talk, daily talk patterns, and growth over time.
Parent-friendly informative materials on early talk and brain science.
Scheduling tool to help manage appointments with parents and caregivers.
Text messaging for parent reminders.
Two validated measures of child language behavior.
The audio recording is deleted after processing to ensure privacy.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to accelerate language development to improve the cognitive, social, and emotional health of children birth to five and close achievement gaps.

Hours of operation: 8-5

Program Status: