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3927 Nolensville Pike
Nashville, TN TN

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Fabian Bedne

(615) 562-2222 Ext:ext 106


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Program Overview

HiSET Classes:

  • Hispanic Family Foundation partners with the YWCA of Middle TN to provide high school equivalency classes (HiSET) in Spanish, pre-testing in Spanish, HiSET testing in Spanish and administer the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems (CASAS) exam in Spanish.
  • The YWCA provides the instructors, materials, interns and volunteers
  • HFF promotes the program and provides the space.
  • Classes are held three times a week at HFF for two-and-a-half hours. Hours: Tue, 5-7:30 PM; Wed, 9-11:30 AM; Fri, 2-4:30 PM
  • The cost for the classes are free
  • The cost for the CASAS exam is $74. YWCA provides
    vouchers to students who score above average on the practice HiSET they

English Classes:

  • Hispanic Family Foundation partners with the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute (TFLI) to offer English classes.
  • TFLI provides the instructors, materials and staff.
  • HFF promotes the program and provides the space.
  • The classes run on a cycle basis - one class a week for 6 weeks, each sessions is 3 hours long. There are seven cycles in a year.
  • The cost of a cycle is $165 per student
  • Students must also pay a placement exam ($30) and the book ($30)
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    Cost Info

    HiSET classes are free, English classes are $654 per cycle plus additional registration fees of $60.

    Student and Volunteer Success Stories

    "TFLI's partnership with HFF is the cornerstone of our English education services. HFF is a pillar of the Nashville community, providing a one stop shop for client's needs, and a much needed space for area non-profits. Through our partnership with HFF, we have been able to serve clients we couldn't otherwise reach, and expand the impact of our programming without the need for large investments in facilities or overhead. HFF has been an invaluable partner to our organization, and we are proud to call ourselves members of the HFF family." -Mo Silvera. Director of English Programs. TFLI.

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    Education services

    • Study for my high school equivalency exam
    • Learn English
    • Improve my technology skills
    • Volunteer at a program

    Instruction Type

    • In-person
    • Online
    • Instruction in multiple languages