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Grace Outreach

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Contact Information

378 E. 151 Street
5th Floor
Bronx, NY 10455

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Grace Outreach

(718) 328-0580

Hours of Operation

M-F 9 am - 5 pm

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Program Overview

Grace Outreach (GO) runs GED/TASC/HSE classes so that women in the Bronx can earn a diploma, and move to higher-wage jobs and careers. To this end we focus on enhancing students' academic skills and supporting their efforts to attend college and secure improved employment.

Grace Outreach operates at 378 E. 151 Street, an easily-accessible location in the middle of the Mott Haven section of the S. Bronx.

In 12 years of work in the South Bronx, 1,200
women have earned an equivalency diploma with Grace Outreach, over 250 women have finished the College
Prep course and matriculated in CUNY, and over 120 women have earned a seat at vocational training programs, while
175 additional women have been assisted with direct job placements.

Grace Outreach serves women only.

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Student and Volunteer Success Stories

When I first started classes as a student at GO, I so enjoyed it because it had been 8 years since I had been a student and did academics. I really liked how the content in one area like

Reading was useful and important in another subject like Social Studies. I earned my diploma quickly, and was glad to move into College Prep to continue my academic momentum.

I have progressed through my first two semesters pretty well, earning 25 credits and a GPA over 3.8.

When Grace Outreach asked me to consider working as a tutor, I was excited because truthfully, I was always
eyeing the job. Teaching is something that I think I'm good at, I like helping people and giving back to others as much as I can. I was a little worried that my academics would suffer, but it
worked out well because I only scheduled 2 days of work each week and that left me enough time for my college work.
Grace Outreach is very flexible with all of the tutors like me, and they take everybody's college schedule into account when making the TASC class schedule for the semester.

I don't place limits on myself because I am interested in and curious about so many different things, like teaching, social work, psychology, and mathematics. - SAM

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Education services

  • Study for my high school equivalency exam

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  • In-person
  • Online