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3000 South IH 35
Austin, TX 78704

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Marisela Montoya

(512) 447-2026

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Program Overview

English as a Second Language

Our ESL classes help non-native speakers gain valuable
communication skills for everyday life. We offer classes in three locations in both North and South Austin. Classes are offered in two hour blocks, four times a week in both the morning and the evening. We have open enrollment and provide free childcare, so students can choose a schedule that best fits their needs.
We cater our classes to all levels of English language learners. In our program we cover vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading, and writing. We assess students regularly to help them see the progress they've made. Most importantly, we encourage a community atmosphere that is welcoming to students of all cultural backgrounds. In the future we will be adding distance learning tools for students who need or want additional resources.

Computer Literacy Classes

Our Computer Literacy classes are available to all residents and surrounding neighborhoods of our communities. We offer them at all of our learning centers in the greater Austin area. To meet the demands of our clients everyday lives we provide the classes at different hours of the day in a twice a week for five weeks period. We rotate locations on bi-monthly schedule to reach as many clients as possible. The classes are for two hours a session and cover a wide range of easy to understand subjects. In response to the national TechHire initiative, we are increasing the level of difficulty of some of our classes to better prepare our students for job opportunities.

Childhood Education Classes

This year, our on-site learning centers will give 1000+ children of working parents academic support and a safe place to go when school is out. We provide homework support, activities to prevent "summer slide," structured play time, enrichment activities, and reading support. Two FC learning centers are currently part of the NeighborWorks America pilot program for implementing i-Ready software. 85% of our students maintain or improve their grades, and, in 2016, students' grade-point average was 3.54. Foundation Communities has 8 Learning Centers in Austin and 3 in North Texas. Each learning center has a full-time coordinator and maintains a 1-to-10 ratio of staff to students.

Cost Info

All adult education, afterschool and summer classes are free of charge at our family Learning Centers when space is available.

This program listing was last updated: February 16, 2022.

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Education services

  • Read and write better
  • Help my child learn
  • Learn English
  • Improve my math skills
  • Improve my technology skills
  • Volunteer at a program
  • Improve my workforce skills

Instruction Type

  • In-person
  • Online