Esperanza Center Educational Services

Listing Last Update: January 28, 2022

Primary Contact

Diana Siemer

(667) 600-2943

Educational services

  • To find a family literacy program (families attend together)
  • To learn English
  • To improve my technology skills
  • To become a U.S. citizen
  • To improve my workforce skills

Instruction Type

  • In-person
  • Online
  • Instruction in Spanish

Program Overview

Esperanza Center is a one-stop-shop for immigrants. It is part of the Community Services arm of Catholic Charities of Baltimore. Other programs in the Esperanza Center are Health Services, Legal Services, Family Reunification, and Client (social) Services. Esperanza Center has been serving immigrants since 1963.

Hours of operation: Morning and Evening classes available - In-person and On-line

Cost info: Students register and pay per semester to attend in-person or on-line small group class sessions taught by professionally trained Volunteer-Teachers.

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

Maria is 42 years old; her birth country is Mexico. Maria told us how much she has enjoyed her classes and how much Esperanza Center has had an impact on her, especially during the pandemic. She had been learning English and trying to advance in her career for a long time, but didn't always have the time to devote to studying. She lost her job during the pandemic and was incredibly depressed, didn't know what she would do. She said that Esperanza Center and her teachers were so encouraging, it really lifted her spirits and she had a total change of heart. She now feels like this is her time to really learn, advance and try to improve her situation. Maria even feels ready to apply for US citizenship because of the encouragement she's received. She cannot thank Esperanza Center enough for helping her take advantage of an otherwise really difficult time. When told she had won a the draw for a prize for having done the end-of-semester student survey, she told me she didn't need it because she has already won something just being at Esperanza. Maria says she cannot say thank us enough.