EPIC - Every Person Influences Childen, Inc

EPIC - Every Person Influences Childen, Inc

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1000 Main St
Buffalo, NY 14202

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Shelley Richards

(716) 332-4100 Ext:332-4140


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8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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Program Overview

EPIC - Every Person Influences Children, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping families, schools, and communities raise children to become responsible and capable adults. EPIC provides research based parenting and family engagement programs for parents in community and school locations. We offer professional development opportunities for staff in agencies and schools. EPIC, based in Buffalo, NY also has a regional office in Rockland County. We have provided services in 10 different states and the US Virgin Islands and Singapore. We provide services to approximately 10,000 low income, minority, and high need parents per year. EPIC’s parenting workshops assist parents in developing the child’s social and emotional capabilities based in three developmental levels – Infants and Toddler, Young Children and Young Adolescents. Our workshop format is group based and incorporates an adult active learning model. Our specific intergenerational literacy focused workshop series is called Ready Set Read (RSR) that is based on the National Reading Panel recommendations. RSR targets parents of children ages 0-8, and includes 5 workshops focusing on literacy development in the home. Two of the 5 workshops are repeated where the children join the parents and the content is practiced from the previous week. An important note: the parent does not have to be literate to be benefit from this program. “Storytime” is a parent/child intergenerational literacy event.

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