Elaine Bacon Literacy Program

Elaine Bacon Literacy Program

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103 W. Douglass
Houghton, MI 49931

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Denise Heikinen

(906) 231-7089


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Program Overview

Since 1959, the volunteers of the Elaine Bacon Literacy Program have been providing free tutoring in the English language in the Houghton and Hancock area of Michigan's Upper Peninsula for international adults who wish to improve their English reading, writing, and speaking skills. Along with our sister group, International Neighbors, we present cultural programs to welcome our international members to America. We offer both individual and group classes and we organize activities such as berry picking, potlucks, picnics, cooking, and hikes in the lovely wilderness area of Michigan's Copper Country. Our students, in turn, share their culture and talents with the community members. For instance, one of our ESL students conducts Chinese language lessons through our program. Others have offered cooking classes. If you are new to the area from another country, we invite you to become part of our community.There is no charge.

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

My beloved teachers and my beloved friends:

I want to thank you for coming to my house today so that we can be together again. I thank each of you for your endless love and respect for me.
My first English class started in February, 2018. From that day on, I began my acquaintance with you. When I came to your class, I did not know a single letter of the English alphabet. I didn't know a single word of English. But I saw in your eyes love and a desire to help me, and this gave me a lot of strength. I fell in love with English and can no longer imagine a single day without it. Such changes in me were made only by you, my beloved teachers and international friends!
Every Monday, Linda taught me to read! Reading magazines, we traveled with her all over the world! It was a really exciting journey. And in real life with her, we will also make a trip to Europe! Then Jan taught me grammar. We discussed English with her many times, and she was always patient and tolerant of my problems. On Tuesday, I always ran to Beth and we read and retold newspapers with other international classmates and did crosswords! When Wednesday morning came, I ran with great desire to the class of our beloved Frann, who gives me every corner of her soul every year. Each class with her always includes a joke, joy, and a lot of conversation. She teaches us starting from the very basics of the English language, and now we already know a lot of idioms. Soon we will have fun learning American youth slang, which will also help us to be adapted to this country.
Now we are all knee-deep in the sea! And we are like a fish in water in English!

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