Cornerstone Collaborative Florida Inc

Listing Last Update: February 18, 2021


8870 Kettle Drum Ter
Boynton Beach, FL 33473

Primary Contact

Keenyn McFarlane

(561) 413-3389

Educational services

  • To volunteer at a program

Program Overview

Through its Barbershop and Beauty (Salon) Reading (collectively, "B-Read") Initiative Cornerstone Collaborative will promote reading and literacy in familiar community settings. CCF will 1. provide meaningful engagement with young readers and adult learners while developing entrepreneurial and business development opportunities, 2. offer a wide array of reading content, digitally in the form of e-books and other electronic content, and through traditional forms, such as paperback or hardcover books, magazines and news periodicals, 3. capture data on population literacy, level of education, status of employment, and utilization of community reading resources in traditionally underserved populations to increase cultural acceptance and promote articulate literacy and learning as a way of life leading to expand appreciation of literature and other humanities.

Direct outreach and engagement through this community reading and literacy project will enable Cornerstone to coordinate and convene a coalition of community stakeholders to address individual and community attitude and adoption of reading for pleasure and personal edification, school completion, adult learning and transformative behavior to strengthen personal faculty and workforce capacity to the betterment of Florida communities.