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CLC ESOL Program

Listing Last Update: March 28, 2018


415 S Main St
Suite 204
Culpeper, VA 22701

Primary Contact

Laura Wood

(540) 825-5804

Educational services

  • To learn English

Instruction Type

  • Classroom

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Program Overview

Our goal is to teach. Our desire is that we provide an environment that is comfortable enough for all our adult learners to learn. We want to provide our adult learners with skills that will enable and empower them to become self sustaining citizens who live confidently in our community of Culpeper and ultimately in any community that they choose to reside.

English classes are provided for non-native English speakers to assist them in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Traditionally, our participants engage in our program for small group or individualized instruction in order to develop their skills to attain employment in the Culpeper area. Teachers and tutors use a variety of curricula and techniques, and generally, the focus is on the individual goals of the participant.

Beginning Level Classes
Rosetta Stone classes offer computer-assisted learning following the Rosetta Stone Program. Students progress at a self-guided pace and are assisted by instructors who help with pronunciation, meaning, vocabulary and context. Additional learning activities and educational resources are utilized within the class.
Conversational English classes provide a comfortable and non-threatening environment in which students can strengthen the skills they have in reading and speaking the English language. The class is comprised of students who are at various levels in the English-learning process. Some students who are enrolled in other ESOL classes use the "Conversational English" (CE) class as a great supplement to their continued study.
Practical English is an informal and interactive class has a main focus of conversational English. Role playing games, music and media are all utilized in order to help students feel more comfortable speaking English in everyday situations.

Intermediate Level Classes
Everyday English teaches English in an informal way. Students learn about everyday speech and situations they may encounter in their daily lives. New words and phrases are learned daily and the goal is for students to become comfortable and gain confidence when speaking English.

Advanced Level Classes
Conversation and Grammar class uses a variety of methods to build a strong foundation in the English language. Listening exercises, grammar review, writing, pronunciation and vocabulary building are all covered in this dynamic class. Authentic texts are used (ie: newspaper, menu items, medicine labels, and maps) in addition to educational materials from the CLC library.
English Writing class builds on vocabulary words and phrases to learn proper word structure and grammar. In this class, you will learn to master the English language. While the focus is on the written form, this normally brings about an improvement at the speaking level. By playing with idioms and problematic words, writing dictations and reading aloud, we improve your comprehension at the same time as your spelling, and expand your vocabulary. We use tailored exercises to help you understand the correct usage of prepositions, articles, pronouns, punctuation, modifiers and verbs. As the end goal is for you to be able to write on your own, the homework is often writing short texts of a practical nature. Sometimes we also write about less serious things, so you can learn to better express yourself. Although a certain aptitude is required, this class adapts to the capabilities of the students in order to resolve most problems as they appear.

Citizenship Prep Class
Citizenship Prep is a small group setting (1-2 students) that is geared towards adults who have met the pre-requirements to become a United States citizen. A tutor helps students understand the N-400 application for Naturalization, explain and study questions for the citizenship test and practice reading and writing simple English sentences for the test.

Mission Statement

The mission of Culpeper Literacy Council is to provide, promote and coordinate literacy services for adults age 18 years of age or older in Culpeper Virginia.

Hours of operation: M-F 9am-2pm

Cost info: $25 Registration Fee All classes and materials provided at no cost

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

An Adventure….in Cultural Assimilation

For the last several months, our team of tutors has been working with two learners from Africa. It has been interesting seeing the American culture from a different perspective. Our learners are at different levels of English language aptitude, yet eager to progress. We explored different ways to meet their needs, through classroom lessons, navigating social services and the medical establishment, and basic needs such as grocery shopping and the DMV. This has been as rewarding for us, the tutors, as for the learners.

Barbara and Odile, ESOL tutors

My name is Lilian. I am from Chile. Since I arrived my biggest worry has been that I don't speak English, so I began searching for somewhere to help me. CLC is the perfect place for me. It meets all of one's expectations, but most important are the people who work there. Each tutor shows devotion, charisma and concern that their students advance academically. I want to thank all CLC staff and tutors for their help and support during my study of English. They not only care about teaching the lessons, but they also give us the help to develop confidence and security during the classes.

I am very grateful for this opportunity that God has given to the teachers to be able to teach English. Because to live here, I need to understand the language to fill out applications, to go to the doctor, and to talk to people. I have more opportunities to ask for information. When you need something it is very important that you can communicate. I don't understand a lot but I try to talk to people. Sometimes I get caught and speak Spanish and I smile! (Maria)

Program’s Demographics/Metrics

In FY 2017/18, CLC has registered 116 ESOL Students: 72 are first time students, and 44 are returning.

This year our students' countries of origin
include: Afghanistan,
Bolivia, Cameroon, Chad, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Ukraine, Venezuela, and the US

Program Status: