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Children's Reading Partners

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333 Bloomfield Ave
Suite C
West Hartford, CT 06117

Primary Contact

Alana Butler

(860) 236-7323

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8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

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Program Overview

The Children's Reading Partners proudly invests in the children of Hartford and five neighboring communities (Bloomfield, East Hartford, Manchester, New Britain and West Hartford). Since it's inception 18 years ago, our reading mentors have conducted over 80,000 reading sessions with over 5,000 at-risk students. Each year, we expand students' reading resources through annual book donations. Children's Reading Partners is a self-contained program that covers 100% of its program based direct costs with grants and donations.

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Student and Volunteer Success Stories

"[Student] has truly grown and benefited from learning and reading with her tutor. She is excited every Friday to see her tutor and as a result is one of the top readers in my classroom." –Kindergarten Teacher, Hartford

"[Student]is a very active student and requires a lot of one-on-one support to read. The volunteer helped him enjoy listening to stories. It helped him begin to use pictures to understand what he is reading. The volunteer is very patient and loves to work with children." –Kindergarten Teacher, Hartford

"[Student] has benefited from having additional practice of sight words, letters, and listening to books. He has also had more opportunities to help him orallyexpress himself one-on-one with a teacher which has helped boost his confidence." -Kindergarten Teacher, Harford

"[Student] has progressed at an even quicker rate because of the additional practice she received through the time spent with her mentor. It boosted her confidence and has allowed her to participate more in class." –Kindergarten Teacher, Hartford

"[Student] has grown immensely. She has become a wonderful reader. She is eager to learn new words and retell the events in a story. We appreciate the time the volunteer has spent with [student] to help her grow into an avid reader." –First Grade Teacher, Hartford

"[Student] really enjoyed her time with the volunteer and gained a lot of confidence. She needed to overcome her shyness and this one-on-one time really helped." – First Grade Teacher, Manchester

"[Student loved being able to read with his friend. It was a great way for him to gain social skills and confidence." – Third Grade Teacher, Manchester

"I so appreciate the time and care the volunteer has taken with [student]. She brings in special books just for her, which is very motivating. [Student] has thrived on the one-on-one time and attention." –First Grade Teacher, West Hartford

"[Student] has enjoyed working with the volunteer so much. She worked with him on exactly what he needed and held him to high expectations. He was very motivated to do well with her and always looked forward to showing off his books and words to her." – First Grade Teacher, West Hartford

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