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Born Learning Connection

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1201 E. 5th St.
Anderson, IN 46012

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Karen Hemberger

(765) 608-3060

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Born Learning works with parents, families and caregivers sharing the knowledge and tools to teach and nurture their children through everyday teachable moments. We are working together with our families, Madison County school systems, higher education, local libraries, and our community partners to support the development of our youngest children. Some activities include: Countdown to Blastoff at local schools for 3,4, and 5 year olds and their families modeling dialogic reading and working on fine and gross motor skills; Literacy Basket parties that teach parents and caregivers how to read and play with children in ways that promote early literacy skills--the host of the party receives a basket full of books and manipulatives while each participant receives a book for their child's library; and Totes which is a lending program for home-based childcare providers with books, toys and games for children in their care that promote literacy.

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