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Alameda County Library

Listing Last Update: January 11, 2017


2450 Stevenson Blvd
Fremont, CA 94538

Primary Contact

Luis Kong, EdD

(510) 745-1480

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Educational services

  • Reading and writing
  • Find a family literacy program
  • To study for high school equivalency
  • English language
  • How to use Computers/Technology
  • Volunteer at a Program

Instruction Type

  • Classroom
  • Computer

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Program Overview

The Alameda County library's award winning Adult Education and Literacy Program provides educational opportunities to adults who want to improve their literacy skills.

The following services are offered at no cost:

  • Adult basic education (reading and writing classes and individual short-term tutoring)
  • Reading Clubs (Second language learners)
  • Basic computer skills labs (typing, E-mail, Internet, library resources, word processing, and helpful programs to help you read and write better)
  • Job Seeking Skills drop-in and basic computer labs (Job seekers, online applications, resumes, interview skills, job coaching)
  • Citizenship classes (for Chinese speakers) On-going
  • Citizenship/Civics classes (English speakers - intermediate level) Eight week sessions
  • English as Second Language (ESL):
  • Life Skills class for seniors (Chinese speaking)
  • ESL Job Seeking classes (beginning-intermediate)

Please call for more information: (510) 745-1480

Services are offered at library branches and at community locations (Ashland-Cherryland-San Lorenzo unincorporated areas)

Mission Statement

By creating a supportive and vibrant learning community, we provide a safe environment for reading and writing practice where individuals take risks and grow toward leadership to make positive changes in their lives and communities. Students build strong literacy skills for work, family and lifelong learning.

Hours of operation: M-Th 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Fri, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

One day my daughter and me were at the library and saw a book and movie she liked. She didn't have a library card and I remembered I had a library card, so I was able to get her the book she needed. If it wasn't for these classes I wouldn't have had a chance to have a library card in my possession. Thank goodness for this program for helping my family and parolees like myself.

Joseph (Adult basic education classes)

Good evening everyone, my name is Sophie. I'm in Connie's Reading Club. I wrote about the book called "Esperanza Rising" by Pamela Munoz Ryan.

When I read this book, I was so touched and kept thinking of myself. Like Esperanza, I'm a new resident of the United States of America. I have to adapt to everything new in this country. Sometimes I feel frustrated because I don't know how to express myself well in English. Even though I went to the Adult School and now am in the Reading Club, I still feel difficultly in organizing and expressing what I'm thinking in my mind.

I was very impressed with the part of crocheting in this book. Through crocheting, the author is trying to tell us several important things. First, crocheting can take our minds off worry. Second, lives are full of challenges, sometimes it's great and you're standing on the top of the mountain. Sometimes it makes you upset and you feel yourself down in the bottom of the valley. Third, never be afraid to restart your life.

I was very inspired by the above. Now when I feel down in daily life, I'll encourage myself in positive ways and try to be confident in learning a new language and making new friends.

Sophie (Reading Club for second language speakers)

I can honestly say I learn something new every Thursday night. From learning how to look for work to applying online, I am really impressed with how much support I get not just on Thursday night but through the week. It is so funny my teachers get more excited than me when I apply for work, also I learned how to have a cover letter to go with my resume which is something I never knew about. I can honestly say I have not only improved with the way I look for work to the way I talk to potential employers, I am very grateful for this program.

Harold (Job Seeking Drop-in Clinic)

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