ACES (Adult Computer Education for Skills)

ACES (Adult Computer Education for Skills)

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1501 17th Ave.
Phenix City, AL 36867

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Bill Vignoe

(334) 297-1139

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10:00 - 12:00 Monday - Tuesday

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Program Overview


This lesson will cover what Freeware is and how to download and install it on your computer. In addition you will learn how to navigate in the applications.

MS Office 2016:

Basic training in this Office Suite. Where to download and how to navigate within the application.

Web Design:

Basic training in Web Design. Build your own free Web Site.

Linux Mint:

Learn to load and navigate in Linux Mint.

WWW & the Internet:

Learn the history of the Internet. Web Pages and how they are constructed. Learn Web Browsers, Web design basics, and create a home page on the Internet.


Setup an email account, make attachments, dropdowns, send and receive email.


Build projects in spreadsheet applications. Format cells, insert formulas and work with templates.


Learn computer security settings and Anti-Virus software. Internet safety i.e. Spyware, Malware, Virus, Trojan Horse, Worms. Identify email security settings and virus prevention.

Computer Basic:

Learn major components of a computer. Learn how to connect a new computer that you just acquired. Learn all the pieces and parts and how they work together, Operating System, Software and computer terminology.

Build projects in Templates:

Create a simple document, edit, copy/paste, dropdown features. Templates, Formatting, Page setup for printing. Insert graphics. Create charts, inventory template with formulas, address book. Insert media, templates, slide selection, bullets,
and presentations.

Libre Office:

Basic training in the latest Office Suite & where to download and navigate within the application.

Basic Java programming:

Learn to use NetBeans-7 to create simple programs.

Computer Maintenance:

Learn how to maintain your home computer. Clean out old files, repair the hard disk, Defragment the hard drive, setup user
accounts, and upgrade the RAM.

Windows 10:

Learn to navigate in Microsofts newest OS

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