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Windham Heights Family Literacy Program

Listing Last Update: February 6, 2019


Windham Heights Learning Center
70 Boston Post Rd
Willimantic, CT 06226

Primary Contact

Mercedes Arroyo

(860) 423-5083

Educational services

  • Reading and writing
  • English language
  • How to use Computers/Technology

Instruction Type

  • Family literacy program

Program Overview

On-site after-school program provided by partner agency, EASTCONN.

On-site public library, provided through collaboration with the Willimantic Public Library.

Free on-site tax preparation in collaboration with VITA program during tax season.

Mission Statement

Lifelong Learning supports learning opportunities for children and adults residing in affordable housing communities, providing computer access, educational and vocational training opportunities, and child-centered learning for low-income families and children.

Hours of operation: 9am - 6pm

Cost info: There are no costs for any of the programs at the Learning Center.

Program’s Demographics/Metrics

Windham Heights is a 350-unit affordable housing community in Willimantic, CT with project-based Section 8 subsidy/support. The following is cumulative demographic data for 323 units as of August 2018.

The population is extremely low-income. The average household income currently $14,156/year. Applying HUD income categorization standards as of the date of this report, 262 households are Extremely Low-Income (ELI), 54 are Very-Low Income ("VLI") and 7 are Low-Income ("LI"). There are 165 wage earners (wages), 29 people on public assistance and 106 receive social security or pension.

Most heads of household ("HoH") are women, 92.6% of households are led by a woman. Among heads of household, 9.29% are seniors over 62. Additionally, 38.7% of the heads of household are between 21 and 29 year of age, and 11.5% are disabled.

The population is overwhelmingly Hispanic/Latino; 88.9% of the heads of households are self-identified as Hispanic/Latino. The population predominantly prefers to speak Spanish as their first language.

The population is very young. At present, 439 of the 838 total Windham Heights residents are under 18 (52.4% of the population under 18), and the average resident age 21.3 years of age. There are 193 residents ages 5 and under, and 178 residents between 6-12 years of age.

The age spread of the HoH is as follows:
· Under 21 years - 16
· 21-29 years - 125
· 30-39 years - 78
· 40-49 years - 37
· 50-61 years - 37
· 62-69 years - 14
· 70-79 years - 15
· 80-99 years – 1

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