West CAP Literacy Program

Listing Last Update: January 21, 2022


PO Box 305
525 2nd Street
Glenwood City, WI 54013

Primary Contact

Stephanie Stark

(715) 410-4735


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Educational services

  • To read and write better
  • To study for my high school equivalency exam
  • To learn English
  • To improve my math skills

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Program Overview

We provide primarily 1-to-1 tutor/learner instruction. We also have some small group classes. We assess learners skills and match them to a tutor. We work with people in St. Croix and Pierce counties of Wisconsin. We have tutors in the following Cities: New Richmond, Hudson, River Falls, Baldwin, Elmwood. We hope to add the cities of Amery and Balsam Lake in Polk county as well. We work with other agencies to provide student-centered literacy instruction to help individuals reach their literacy goals. We are membersof Wisconsin Literacy.

Hours of operation: flexible

Cost info: Services are free, but individuals with incomes over 200% of poverty will be asked for donations to cover the costs of books or other teaching materials.

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

Bob was 60 years old and had been laid off from his job as acrane operator. He did not feel he could retire early, so went to the Veteran'sHospital to get a job. He was employed part time as a maintenance worker. Hewas supposed to complete training, but ran into difficulties because thetraining was on a computer. This posed two problems for Bob; he didn't know howto use computers, and he couldn't read the instructions on the screen. Bob hadkept his low reading ability a secret from his daughter and grandchildren, aswell as his friends. He came to West CAPLiteracy Program for help to read better so he could work full time. West CAPassessed his reading skills and assigned a tutor to work with him on hisreading skills. West CAP had previously trained the tutor and provided teachingand learning materials as well as tutor coaching. Bob's tutor helped him toincrease his reading skills and encouraged him in his efforts. The tutor'shusband assisted as well, helping him understand how to use computers. Bob wasable to increase his reading skills enough to complete his training and becomea full time employee of the Veterans Hospital. Rosa is originally from Mexico. She is married to a man fromItaly and together they have 4 children. Rosa worked with the local technicalcollege to study for her GED. She successfully passed and received her GEDcertificate. Rosa was a legal resident, but wanted to become a US citizen. Itwas especially important for her to become a US citizen since she could thensponsor her husband, who was also a legal resident. West CAP Literacy Programprovided a tutor for Rosa that helped her prepare for the citizenship exam. Shewas able to pass that exam and achieved citizenship.