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Listing Last Update: February 8, 2016


HERMITAGE, PA 16148-3528

Primary Contact

James Micsky

(724) 981-1884

Educational services

  • To help my child learn

Instruction Type

  • Classroom

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Program Overview

Since 2004, United Way of Mercer County has conducted a Six-Week Summer Program for Pre-Kindergarten Children. The program is a collaboration between United Way of Mercer County (UWMC), Head Start, and local area school districts. The program provides at-risk preschoolers with 135 hours of academic instruction from a Head Start instructor and a district teacher. Socialization and learning skills develop in a safe, professional environment, and students enjoy a nutritious meal each class day.

Mission Statement

Lifting Families out of Poverty

Hours of operation: 8-4

Cost info: Program is free to students that meet the requirements Income of household: less that $75,000 Must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2016 Required documentation: a. original birth certificate b. immunization record c. proof of residency

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

– "My son talks much better and is exited about learning. Thank you for your time and patient teaching."

-"This program helped the kids grow so much. Nathan went from being very distant and not completing tasks, to social and excelling greatly at the task at hand. Keep the program!"
– "These kids progressed so much throughout the summer! Zoey became much more confident and talkative. Hunter also developed his skills!"
-"Thank you so much for all your dedication, skills, and time in helping my son to get ready for kindergarten. This program really is a Success and should be offered Every year!"

*please note that the names (first and last) of the Parents and Teachers quoted above as well as the names (last names only) of the children referred to in quotes have been omitted for the protection of privacy

Program’s Demographics/Metrics

Education in Mercer County:

– There are 5,962 children under the age of five living in Mercer County
– 24.9% of these children are living in economically at-risk families, up to 100% of poverty, and 20.9% of these children were born to mothers with less than a high school education. Both of these facts are significant Risk Factors for Failing in School.
– Only 35.9% of these children (2,143) participate in publicly-funded quality early education programs.
– 25.8% of third graders scored below proficient in reading, 18.8% scored below proficient in math
– 8.4% of students did not graduate in 4 years with a regular high school diploma.
– 11.4% of Mercer County does not have a High School Diploma or GED

Program Status: