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On the Road to Reading

Listing Last Update: October 20, 2015


128 White Street
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

Primary Contact

Gail Fazio

(732) 216-7512

Educational services

  • To read and write better
  • To help my child learn

Instruction Type

  • Classroom
  • Family literacy program

Program Overview

When School is Not the Answer Your child is struggling in school. You’ve asked the teacher for help, met with the school staff, and you hired a tutor but nothing seems to help. Your child is still struggling, and you are not sure where to turn. It is obvious your child needs something beyond what the teacher is currently supplying. Your child may require additional individualized interventions beyond those now provided. On the Road to Reading Educational Consultant, Gail Fazio, offers children with learning disabilities and other learning challenges a wide-range of intensive, individualized interventions designed to remediate learning problems. These roadblocks need to be addressed before they take hold and become a lifelong problem. There are solutions, but many teachers have not developed a deep understanding of reading as a developmental continuum, nor have they an idea as to how to remediate problems once they occur. On the Road to Reading provides an individualized intensive intervention plan, conducts formal and informal assessment of academic skills, and utilizes specific, and when appropriate, alternative teaching strategies. An educational consultant can also provide case management for clients with a wide range of learning disabilities or learning issues by coordinating with the student’s team of teachers, parents, and allied professionals. Parents unsure of their child’s rights, the school’s responsibilities, and how they themselves can help, value the presence Gail can provide during these meetings.

Cost info: Evaluate/Diagnose Reading Difficulties- Gail specializes in determining the cause of a child’s learning issues, especially in literacy. More than 80% of children are classified as needing special education services due to an inability in learning to read. On the Road to Reading has more than 30 years of experience helping children become readers. Multiple assessments are used to determine possible roadblocks to learning. Parents will be given copies of all results to share with staff at their child’s school. Once parents know the cause of the difficulty the school may be able to provide the needed interventions. On the Road to Reading will design a written plan, individualized specifically to your child’s needs. This plan will target skills, strategies, specific areas of need, and materials that, if followed with rigor and fidelity, will help your child overcome many existing roadblocks to reading or learning. Recommendations will include both home and school activities. On the Road to Reading provides advocacy services! Gail will accompany you to a meeting with the school’s personnel where she can fully explain the individualized plan as well as the research behind it. Gail’s extensive classroom experience as a teacher, reading coach, reading specialist, and college professor allows her to guide the teacher towards implementation. Her wealth of knowledge about materials and strategies as well as classroom structures will assist the teacher and school towards creating a successful program your child needs and deserves. Roadblocks to reading will be demystified.

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