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Reading Logically

Listing Last Update: January 11, 2016


2405 E. 27th Street
Mission, TX 78574

Primary Contact

Mary Bain

(956) 529-7110

Educational services

  • To read and write better
  • To help my child learn

Program Overview

Reading Logically is a program that is strong on phonics and utilizes word families. After each concept is introduced, there is concentrated practice to firmly "cement" the idea in the student's mind. Enjoyable Stories add to the pleasure of learning. Just for Fun Activities, such as crossword puzzles, poems, compound words, antonyms and synonyms, animal riddles, homophones, and more, reinforce the lessons, and allow the children to "play" with their new skills.

The program is being used by private school teachers, reading tutors, and homeschoolers. Because it is easy to target a specific area where a student needs additional practice, some public school teachers are also using the books as supplementary material for their students.

This program is effective, easy to implement, and works well for all students, including ESL students. Adults have also had success with Reading Logically.

Mission Statement

The Reading Logically books were written to help struggling readers become proficient readers. The author, and her husband, had been teaching children, and a few adults, how to read over a forty-year period, using their own method, which emphasized phonics and utilized word families. After seeing such a great need over the years, Mary compiled the lessons, organized, expanded, and fine-tuned them, until the five-book Reading Logically reading program was complete. Our goal is to give struggling readers the tools they need to succeed.

Cost info: Reading Logically has a five-book Reading Program, with over 800 pages of instruction, for $60. Each book is also available individually for $12 or $15. There are three Reading and Activity Books, two for $7.00, and one for $7.50.

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

We taught our son, and both of our grandsons how to read. The youngest boy easily read the introductions to the scenes for his kindergarten Christmas program.

We tutored a nine-year old boy who had been held back two years, and was in the second grade, largely due to the fact that he could only read 5 or 6 words. After six weeks, he had made tremendous progress and could read simple, short stories.

I tutored one of the "worst" readers in the second grade. After 30 minutes a day, three days a week, for six weeks, he received an award from the public school for "The Most Improved" reader in six second-grade classrooms.

Adults, whose second language is English, have used Levels Four and Five, to improve their pronunciation, and increase their reading ability.

After only four weeks using Reading Logically, a second grader increased her reading and comprehension test scores by 12%.

Homeschoolers find the books very effective. One mother had used three different reading programs, without much success. With Reading Logically, her daughter gained skills and became a successful reader.

Program’s Demographics/Metrics

I'm making this comment concerning "CONFIRMATION" below. I am neither a manager, nor an employee. I am the author of the Reading Logically books, and a partner in the young company, Reading Logically. I was referred to you by Dr. Ida Acuna-Garza, Executive Director of the South Texas Literacy Coalition. I am a business member of STLC, and a volunteer.

I'm going to click the "CONFIRMATION" button because that's the only way to submit this entry. I'm not sure if you would consider Reading Logically a "legitimate literacy program" or not, but it certainly is effective!

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