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Read and Rise

Listing Last Update: April 9, 2016


2135 S. Hanna Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46803

Primary Contact

Jonathan Ray

(260) 241-7697

Educational services

  • To read and write better
  • To find a family literacy program
  • To help my child learn

Instruction Type

  • Family literacy program

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Program Overview

Read & Rise is an early literacy program designed to help parents and children prepare for Kindergarten. Read & Rise brings books, music and movement to parents with children from birth to 5 living in low-income and government subsidized housing complexes. The overall goal is to educate parents about the early literacy skills needed to lay the groundwork for school success through the use of interactive storytelling, music and movement activities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Fort Wayne Urban League is to empower individuals to move toward greater independence and self-sufficiency by providing education, support and advocacy, as well as securing civil rights.

Hours of operation: 8:00am - 7:00pm

Cost info: n/a

Program’s Demographics/Metrics

Our target is that 80% of participating parents who have at least 12 home visits or other face-to-face contacts will report/demonstrate increases in at least four of the five family literacy outcomes.

  1. Parents gain awareness of the importance of their role in fostering early learning;
  2. Parents gain knowledge of skills, techniques, and strategies to foster early learning;
  3. Parents gain confidence in their ability to positively influence the development of early learning;
  4. Parents view reading with their child(ren) as an enjoyable activity;
  5. Parents create structures and routines in the home to foster early learning.

We help build home libraries, we will distribute at least 3,600 books to families we serve.

Measurement Indicators:

  1. 80% of participants will remain on track developmentally. For those entering kindergarten we will assess as Kindergarten "ready" using research-based kindergarten readiness assessments.
  2. Use a pre and post self-report to determine increased parental awareness of child development and their role in preparing their child to read and learn confidence. The pre- and post-participation R&R parent surveys are used to gather information on each of the five R&R outcomes (measuring literacy), which are the key measures for our objective. Pre- and post-survey responses are compared to identify gains/changes in each outcome measure. The number/ percent of families demonstrating increases in their scores on four of the five outcome measures is then tabulated to determine if we have met our 80% objective.
  3. We also collect anecdotal comments on the survey forms, and keep attendance records.
  4. Staff also use observation notes from home visits to evaluate whether parents have created structures and routines in the home that foster early literacy.
  5. Research-based assessments are also used to monitor child development indicators and Kindergarten readiness (Get Ready to Read for children 3-5);
  6. Parents as teachers milestones for children from birth to age 3.

Long-term effectiveness of the R&R project, we hope to secure the results of tests administered by FWCS and EACS at kindergarten enrollment to compare our R&R graduates' scores with those of comparable students who did not receive any early literacy services.

Program Status: