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Re3 Reengagement Coaching

Listing Last Update: January 25, 2016


21 White Bridge Road, Ste 201
Address 2
Nashville, TN 37205

Primary Contact

Glen Biggs

(615) 585-8731

Educational services

  • To find a family literacy program

Instruction Type

  • Family literacy program

Program Overview

Re3: A Community-Based Reengagement Coaching Network

The Alignment Nashville 16-24 Out of School, Out of Work Team is continuing to build a network of community-based coaches (existing staff of community/government organizations) to be a part of the Re-Engagement Coaching Initiative (Re3: Re Engage, Re Energize, Re Discover). This strategy capitalizes on building a network of community-based coaches housed within their own organizations, across the city of Nashville and that already serve the 16-24 community in some capacity.

Once an Opportunity Youth (16-24 year olds without a high school diploma or HiSET) establishes a relationship with one of the designated Re3 organizations, the youth has the opportunity to pair with a trained reengagement coach in order to set goals, create an education/literacy plan and explore career pathways. The coach will continuously communicate and monitor the youth throughout the coaching process in order to assist the youth and their family in times of need and crisis in order to quickly and efficiently overcome barriers and attain success of their plan.

The average relationship with a coach is 6 month to 1 year, but could be longer.

Mission Statement

The mission of Alignment Nashville is to bring community organizations and resources into alignment so that their coordinated support of Nashville's youth has a positive impact on public school success, children's health, and the success of our community as a whole.

Hours of operation: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Program Status: