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Project READS

Listing Last Update: November 9, 2018


1005 W Rudisill Blvd
Suite 308
Fort Wayne, IN 46807

Primary Contact

DeShawn Wert

(260) 423-6447 Ext:2926

Educational services

  • To read and write better
  • To find a family literacy program
  • To help my child learn

Instruction Type

  • Family literacy program

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Program Overview

Striving Kindergarten through 3rd Grade learners receive 1 -to - 1 literacy tutoring from trained volunteers for 1 hour per week at any one of 18 Neighborhood Literacy Sites across Allen County, Indiana.

Mission Statement

Mission:Project READS is an organization dedicated to helping K-3 students achieve grade level reading goals.

Vision: All Allen County children will read at grade level by the completion of third grade.

Hours of operation: 8:00am - 5:00pm M-TH, 8:00am - 12:00pm F

Cost info: Program Payroll $90,352 Program Operating Expenses $20,068 Programming $5632 TOTAL 116.052

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

Facebook Review 4/16/18

This program is awesome!! My daughter started in the beginning of the school year and she's progressed so much through the year. I'm very thankful for the teachers who take the time to help those students who need a little extra help! Thank you!!

One mother shared that her son, who was the youngest of three children, had grown up listening to her read to the other children. He knew all of the books "by heart" so it came as a big surprise when her son started reading and was "very behind" according to the teacher. Her son, Mitchel, was referred to Project READS and flourished. He also went on to become a mentor himself in high school when he was older . . . and then on to West Point. This July, he is getting married and his Project READS "buddy" is in his wedding party. Additionally, the "buddy" in the wedding party has also said he's going to be a Project READS mentor this fall. Our program impacts people's lives way beyond reading.

Program’s Demographics/Metrics

The objectives for Project READS are as follows

Enroll 200 K- third grade students who are
reading below grade level into the weekly tutoring program.

Assess all students at least once a year.

Graduate all students who have achieved the
highest reading skills level.

Retain 150 students as active in the program
through the end of the program year.

The goals for Project READS are as follows:

Provide weekly one-to-one or very small group
tutoring in reading to first, second, and third grade Allen County students who
are reading below grade level.

Help Allen County students read at grade
level by the completion of third grade.

The output that we will document is the total number of Kindergarten
through third grade young readers who participate in Project READS. Our target is 200 children. We will utilize registration records to
document our progress for this output.
We will also document the total number of trained mentors. Our target of 200 mentors is synchronized
with our goal to have 200 young reader participants.

Program Status: