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Ohio Association of the Deaf, Inc.

Listing Last Update: February 26, 2014


14856 Alger Road
Cleveland , OH 44111

Primary Contact

Verne Taylor, Jr.

(216) 200-7222

Educational services

  • To help my child learn

Program Overview

Ohio Association of the Deaf, Inc.'s proposal is to have Family Reading in American Sign Language (ASL) Program in Northeast Ohio including Cleveland, Youngstown, and Akron area where hearing parents are craving to communicate their deaf/hard (D/HH) of hearing children by using sign language. It is a critical for D/HH children to develop early linguistic competence. The program is designed to teach parents and families how to read to their D/HH children by using sign language and to meet the goals for making book sharing most effective. A Deaf tutor visits the home of a D/HH child and demonstrates how to read a popular children’s book in ASL. Family members practice signing the book and receive feedback from the tutor. At the end of each weekly session, the tutor provides the family with a book bag including a copy of the book, a DVD of the storybook being read in ASL that family members can use for practice for that week. The result of the program is, Parent's communication with their child improves and the child shows increased interest in sharing books. It will help children attain higher levels of reading achievement.

Cost info: It will cover for 10 families for 20 weeks of tutoring 480 English Version Family Book Bags complete with activity sheets , books and carry-bag ( 120 titles x 4 copies of each - $1,695.00 each for Northeast area) - $3,390.00 Tutoring 2 hours per week for 20 weeks at $25.00 per hour multiplied by 10 families - $10,000.00 10" DVD Portable - $300.00 ( $100.00 each) Interpreters Costs based on $30.00 per hour of 25 hours - $750.00

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