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NuVision Lifesaver

Listing Last Update: October 24, 2016


136 B Marketplace Circle #137
Calera, AL 35040

Primary Contact

Sebrina Stoutermire

(205) 602-4771

Educational services

  • To read and write better
  • To find a family literacy program
  • To help my child learn
  • To study for my high school equivalency exam
  • To learn English
  • To improve my math skills
  • To improve my technology skills

Instruction Type

  • Classroom
  • Computer
  • TV
  • Family literacy program

Program Overview

We are servants to the mission. The importance of our mission to us is that we want to get these services out into the communities throughout the country. We want positive change for our communities. We want the people within the communities to have all of the opportunities possible to help themselves and others. Becoming certified in First Aid/CPR/AED is something that we all need to do. The life we save could be that of a family member or a complete stranger but we need to be able to help someone if the need arises.

We want them certified in Health and Safety Courses as well as Caregiving Skills such as Advanced Childcare and Babysitting Skills. We will address Anger Management and Parenting Skills.
We would like to offer these certifications to clients, families and employees. We will go to each site and teach the courses to the staff and clients that sign up for the courses. After successfully completing the class, they will receive a two year certification from the American Red Cross.

We teach literacy courses to children and adults. We are members of the Pro Literacy Organization. Our goal is to change the literacy rates within the state. We want to see children reading at or above their grade level. We also want to enable adults to learn to read and write. We are working with an author who is going to offer classes as the children and adults learn to read and write on writing their first book. She's going to help them write their first book as well as edit their books for them. We are going to help them self-publish their books and hopefully they will even sell them. Either way the goal is to allow them to see their own words come to life.
We are also trying to secure companies that will allow the youth to work at their companies on weekends and during the summer so that they will start to develop strong employment skills, learn about fiscal responsibility through managing their own money and budgeting, opening up a savings account, starting a college fund, etc.

Through Provider Partnerships with companies such as L.I.F.E., who are willing to partner with us on this mission, we plan to strengthen the communities through after school and summer camps to decrease the number of children who are unsupervised and unfed during the school year and summer, reading, literacy, arts, writing, mathematics, science, life skills, financial literacy, mentoring for families as a whole, tutoring, assistance with job training skills, computer literacy skills, networking skills, business startup skills, career counseling, food assistance, holiday support, adopting nursing homes and adult day care programs, etc.

We want to implement programs that will make the communities stronger. We have developed programs that address unmet needs of communities that we will go into the communities and offer so that the tools are available and easily accessible to everyone. Our aim is to be encouraging while creating positive change.

We have a desire for all communities to have the same opportunities in life. We believe that if the opportunities are there, lives are changed in a positive manner. These changes will make families stronger and cause crime to decrease. We feel as if employment opportunities will be opened up to more people and education will be on an equal footing for all. We feel that these things opportunities shouldn't be determined by the zip code that you live in but should be equally provided to every community in every state.

To reduce overhead, we will always go into the communities. It eliminates all of the expenses required to host the programs at a specific facility and require those that may not have access to transportation to utilize the services.

People We Will Serve:
Primary Targeted Areas
Racial/Ethnic Minorities

Other Populations Served:

High Crime Areas
Communities where there is a high increase in single parent households.
Communities where the school systems that are in the area are failing.
Areas that have group homes, high juvenile delinquency rates.
Areas that have high unemployment rates.
Areas that show a lack of resources to aid them in changing their situation by supplying them with the tools and assistance needed to seek better jobs, have more chances, etc.

Use of Resources:
The funds, donations and resources will be used to provide opportunities to all communities throughout the entire State of Alabama. These opportunities will promote family and career growth. It will aid in decreased crime rates, feed those who are hungry or in need, improved educational standards and business development opportunities and growth. We are also focused on purchasing a van, purchasing computers, books, a projector, clothes, printers, supplies, etc. to aid in the teaching of the classes and programs. We would also like to provide cultural and learning opportunities to the communities.
Thank you for considering this request. We appreciate any and all assistance provided to our organization that enables us to serve the communities.

Items That We Need:
1. Funds to Support Our Activities
2. We are supporting 10 families for Thanksgiving. We would like to give them a turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, collard greens, milk, eggs, butter, corn meal, macaroni noodles, cheese, one cake and one pie. Our goal is to provide them with assistance so that they will be able to sit down with their family and have a meal together.
3. We are supporting 10 families for Christmas as well. We will provide each child with a few gifts, some clothes, books and prayerfully a tablet that they can learn on. For the parent or parents, would like to provide them with a coat and an outfit. Our selection process has been very rigorous and the families selected are not receiving any help from any other organizations. They are the ones that slip through the cracks because they have some income which disqualifies them from assistance but all of their income is truly going to their bills and trying to put food on the table.
4. We are in need of a large van to do our work in. Everything we do, we travel to the communities to do. It is our belief that we can only reach people that need help if we are engaging them in their communities. Right now, we use our own vehicles to travel. We need a vehicle that hold everything and allow us to travel to the communities.
We would great appreciate any financial support and donations that you are willing to lend to us. We are committed to changing our communities and we are just asking for support in doing so.

We travel to the people and the communities. We do not have a formal building where they travel to us. We have found that if the resources are right in the community, people will use them.

Hours of operation: 7-9

Cost info: We have paid for all of our supplies and resources out of our own pockets. We use our own vehicles to travel to the communities, homes and schools to serve. We pay for our own gas. We pay for the books and materials.

Program Status: