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Literacy Volunteers and Advocates

Listing Last Update: June 9, 2017


635 Edgewood St. NE
Suite B
Washington, DC 20017

Primary Contact

Heather Paradise

(202) 387-1772

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Educational services

  • To read and write better
  • To improve my math skills
  • To improve my technology skills

Instruction Type

  • Classroom

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Program Overview

Literacy Volunteers and Advocates serves DC area adults reading at the 6th grade level and below. We provide no-cost classroom instruction 4 days a week focused on basic literacy skills, math and computer literacy. Learners have the option to be paired with a tutor, who they will meet with once a week for an hour to two hours. We have classes in two locations during the morning, early afternoon and evening hours.

Mission Statement

Literacy Volunteers and Advocates is a 501(c)-3 non-profit dedicated to addressing the core, hidden problems of illiteracy at both an individual and community level by tailoring its programs to the thousands of adults in DC who are coping with illiteracy caused by learning challenges.

Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

My mother told me that as an infant my development was not the same as other children. When I was in elementary school I noticed that I would pass unto the next grade but I was still reading on kindergarten and first grade reading levels. My grade level was getting higher but not my work level. In high school a couple of teachers took an interest in me, they began to help me with sounding out words. My reading skills got a little better. After that I just felt like I was being pushed to the next grade because of my age so I dropped out of school. Years later I began to see the same traits in my son. He was being pushed to the next grade because of his age and was not able to keep up with the work. He eventually dropped out of school. When I started classes at LVA this motivated my son to enroll in school.


Program’s Demographics/Metrics

Demographics Report

Asian - 1

Black - 69

Hispanic - 2

Other - 1

Male - 28

Females - 45

Program Status: