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Literacy Council Clermont & Brown Ctys

Listing Last Update: September 6, 2018


745 Center St
Suite 300
Milford, OH 45150

Primary Contact

Susan Vilardo

(513) 831-7323 Ext:N/A

Educational services

  • Reading and writing
  • To help my child learn
  • To study for high school equivalency
  • English language
  • Volunteer at a Program
  • Information about the GED Test

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Program Overview

We offer one-on-one tutoring. It only takes a phone call to the agency to start getting connected to services. After speaking with us, the adult learner is scheduled for an appointment called an assessment. This time together is to help us review the adult learner's reading strengths so the tutor will know where to begin.

After that first meeting the adult learner is paired up with their tutor. The tutor and adult learner will meet for the very first time in a public location that is agreed upon between the two. This is usually at a local public library, or sometimes, a coffee shop.

The Literacy Council office is located in the Milford Municipal Building on the third floor. We are often easily identified because of the police cars that are parked in the front of the building. Park in the back of the building and enter the doors next to the accessible ramp. Take the elevator to the third floor.

Mission Statement

The Literacy Council's Mission:

To offer adults basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to enrich quality of life.

Hours of operation: 10:00 - 4:30 or by appointment

Cost info: The services of the Literacy Council are Free. There is a cost for student materials, however, fees for adult learner books are never expected if they cannot be afforded. Contributions happily accepted.

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

Richard Reeves can READ
Richard was committed to learning how to read. He
got a later start than most people. Richard began tutoring around age 65 when he became a widower. When we met him, Richard admitted he was keeping a promise to his late wife, Beverly that he would learn how to read, something he had not been able to do while she was still alive.

Richard was determined to learn how to read a book, a hurdle he thought he would never be able to achieve. Richard did indeed accomplish this goal but it took him eight years. He had three different tutors. Richard liked to joke around that he "wore each one out" and had to get a new one. We like to say, the first tutor gave Richard his foundation, the second one pushed him to the edge and the third one got Richard to fly. The truth is, volunteer tutors simply move on while Richard remained, working towards his coveted goal.

Along the way, Richard had some bouts with illness but he bounced back each time and was ready for more letters and sounds. When he first started tutoring Richard could barely write his own address. Eight years later, he read the book, Hatchet, twice. He loved that book so much. Richard was child-like giddy over accomplishing that reading goal. We were all cheering for him.

Sadly, we lost a champion student and longtime friend of The Literacy Council. Richard passed away in September 2016. We take great comfort in imagining that Richard is sitting somewhere cozy, reunited with his wife Beverly and reading to her for the very first time.

Program’s Demographics/Metrics

Clermont & Brown County Quick Facts:

Clermont and Brown Counties are located in southwestern Appalachian Ohio. Clermont County has a population estimate of 201,973 of which 95.5% are white and 76.2% are over 18 years of age. Brown County has a population estimate of 43,839 of which 97.3% are white and 76.9% are over 18 years of age. Sources: Clermont and Brown County 2017 Quick Facts from the U.S. Census Bureau

According to 2017 Quick Facts from U.S. Census, Living in Clermont County – 10.6% of the population and in Brown County – 16.7% of the population live below the poverty level.

In 2017, there was an 11% High School drop-out rate in Clermont County. There was a 16% High School drop-out rate in Brown County.

Basic Prose Literacy Skill Levels measured by U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, and 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy found Clermont County with a 7% and Brown County with a 10% of the population who lacked basic prose literacy skills.

The Literacy Council volunteers provided reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, and English Speaking tutoring services to 190 adult learners and their families during 2017.

The agency continues to move forward with much passion providing literacy services for those who want to improve their lives.

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