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County Line UMC Community Literacy Program

Listing Last Update: January 22, 2019


4031 Old River Road
Ellenwood, GA 30294

Primary Contact

Rev. Dr. Betty Jones, Ph.D

(770) 865-7074

Educational services

  • To read and write better
  • To study for my high school equivalency exam
  • To learn English
  • To improve my math skills
  • To improve my technology skills

Instruction Type

  • Classroom
  • Computer
  • Instruction in Spanish

Program Overview

The GED program meets twice a week ( Wednesday & Thursday evenings) from 6-9pm. A Special ELA program is offered to non-English speaking learners at no additional cost. Also, our program offer special assistance to individuals on probation in an effort to help them carry out the mandate of their probation, i.e., time sheets and progress reports as well as help them have a productive life going forward. All students over the age of 17 years old age are welcome.

Mission Statement

Our vision is to see a world where illiteracy is no longer a "buzz word," and individuals are empowered and transformed through knowledge.

Hours of operation: Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6-9pm,

Cost info: Registration costs for learners is - $15.00 plus the costs of their book ( discounted at $11.00 online). However, cash desired is $42,000 per year..

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

The Bridges Initiative for 13-18 year olds was successful. It helped the young people deal with conflict resolution, learning who they are, what's in a name, etc.

Program’s Demographics/Metrics

The demographics of the immediate location is approximately 90% African Americans, 5% Spanish Speaking, and 5% Caucasians. 10% upper income with homes in the $200,000 - $300,000 range, 80% middle income with homes in 100,000 range and 10% low income with renters and old homes valued at less than $50.000. There new homes with young families of 1-2 adults between 30-45 with 2-3 young children. Unfortunately, crime rates are up and so is high school drop outs.

Program Status: