CEURE Tutoring

CEURE Tutoring

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Buffalo State, 1300 Elmwood Avenue
Caudell 107
Buffalo, NY 14222

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Gina Pannozzo

(716) 878-4655


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varies by location

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Program Overview

Since CEURE's inception, the center has grown to support more than 35 initiatives, partnering with 133 schools in 9 counties. Over 100 faculty members have been involved in CEURE projects. The center has secured federal and private grants totaling over $13 million dollars. In the process, CEURE and partner schools have improved Math and ELA scores, been able to recruit stronger teacher candidates, improved the training teachers in schools receive, and created partnerships with a variety of public and private organizations, including General Motors, M & T Bank, and AmeriCorps. CEURE collaborates with a number of community organizations and school districts to provide tutoring and homework help to K-12 students through partnerships involving our Education and Teacher Certification programs. Typically, Buffalo State education majors are recruited to work in a variety of settings, either the K-12 students' schools or in connection with after-school programming at community-based sites. Education majors are assigned based on their area of content expertise and licensure to work with one-on-one or with small groups (3-5 students). Tutors receive extensive training (minimum of 15 hours above and beyond related coursework) prior to beginning tutoring; as well as ongoing professional development, mentoring and support. Buffalo State tutoring programs follow a diagnostic teaching model that includes pre-assessment to identify strengths and areas of skill building, individualized learning plans, and ongoing formal progress monitoring. Formal instruction using research-based teaching strategies and curricula that incorporates direct instruction, authentic literacy practice, independent/self-directed opportunities, and high interest problem-based activities. Tutors communicate regularly with classroom teachers and parents to ensure alignment between school-based learning and program instruction.

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Education services

  • Read and write better
  • Help my child learn
  • Learn English
  • Improve my math skills

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  • In-person