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Read a Recipe for Literacy stirs up conversations in New York, NY

1st November, 2018

As the founder of the Read a Recipe for Literacy program I have had the opportunity to work with some outstanding literacy advocates. A wide range of people from diverse backgrounds have impressed me with their dedication to literacy, communication, and outreach, most working on a near-volunteer basis. ELA, math, science, fine arts teachers, librarians, and speech-language pathologists have all been integrally involved with Read a Recipe for Literacy, sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for literacy.

The question is often asked: How can we improve our community? Our Read a Recipe for Literacy students, teachers, and supporters have the answer. Good communication among members of a community improves that community. We invite members of the community to speak at our program, sharing their personal stories with the children. They tell us what it is they do and how important communication--reading, writing, creative output--is for them to do their work. Among our great speakers we have had a farmer explain how his strong reading skills allows him to study almanacs about the regional heirloom apple crops; a mayor of the local town explain how his communication skills allows him to manage the complex affairs of his town; an antique clock repairer explain how his communication skills allows him to write letters to clients living in Ireland. All of these speakers willingly have shared their inspiring stories with our children. Their participation surely has made a mark on our children. They are exposed to the importance of good communication skills and in addition to that, learn about different professions and about different ways of living. The participation of these speakers--always done on a volunteer basis--has certainly had a positive influence on my life.

It more than lifts the spirits knowing that there are so many people in this world who are willing to share their stories. Here's to communication and our world community.

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