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2019 Families Learning Conference Reflections

3rd December, 2019

I wish to thank the National Literacy Director for awarding Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta (Maine) and myself, as Executive Director, the NLD Innovation Grant that allowed me to have an informative, energizing, and wonderful experience at the 2019 Families Learning Conference in Kentucky. The conference was extremely educational with workshops covering a vast array of subjects relevant to our needs in adult literacy, family literacy, and training practices.

Timothy Shanahan, University of Illinois at Chicago, shared key research on factors in improving reading achievement, validating our practices in oral reading and the language experience approach.

Information learned from many other expert presenters about workplace literacy, innovations in engaging parents in family literacy efforts (laundromats-who knew) and ensuring parents are true partners in program planning was invaluable.

The presenters representing the 2020 Census were helpful as our organization has plans for a 2020 Census Help Center with outreach to those often not counted who are vital in the funding and distribution decisions for our community.

The opportunity to meet with funders who believe in literacy helped us recognize the importance of developing funding partnerships.

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to be a part of the wonderful community of people who work every day to ensure everyone has access to education and literacy. I was greatly moved by the recognition of the NCFL President and Founder, Sharon Darling, for her 30 years of effort and passion.

Thank you,

Virginia Marriner, Executive Director

Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta, 12 Spruce Street, Augusta, ME 04330

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