Americana Family Education

Americana Family Education

NLD ID #87863

Contact Information

4801 Southside Drive
Louisville, KY 40214

Primary Contact

Karen Moya

(502) 366-7813

Hours of Operation

8am - 9pm

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Program Overview

The mission of Americana Community Center (ACC) is to provide a spectrum of services to the many diverse residents of Louisville Metro that enable people to discover and utilize resources to build strong families, create a safe, supportive community and realize their individual potential.

The Americana Family Education program works with immigrant and refugee families. The four components of the program are: 1) Adult ESL Instruction; 2) Children's Education, 3) Parent Time (providing resources to increase understanding of U.S. society) and 4) Parent and Child Together (PACT) time. We offer Family Education 2 hours in both the morning and evening 4 days a week with bimonthly extended hours for Family Nights where community partners present to families. Parents can also participate in Family Coaching to set and achieve goals toward the family's success as they work alongside two Family Coaches.

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Education services

  • Help my child learn
  • Learn English

Instruction Type

  • In-person