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A New Vision for Emerging Young Scholars and Leaders

Listing Last Update: June 27, 2017


500 Manila Av
Jersey city, NJ 07302

Primary Contact

Tenille Faison

(917) 539-0062

Educational services

  • To read and write better
  • To find a family literacy program
  • To learn English

Instruction Type

  • Classroom
  • Computer
  • Family literacy program

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Program Overview

The program was established in 2015 for helping early and middle childhood students advance to higher reading and writing levels over a period of 12 months. The program has expanded to high school students and adults requiring additional literacy development.

The curriculum commences with vocabulary and comprehension for three-year-old participants. Students of ages 6-12 engage a comprehensive program that allows
them to read and comprehend senior high school level and higher. Adults receive in depth rigorous sessions of reading, writing, comprehension, and spelling for a duration of 12 months that allows them to read and comprehend material beyond high school level. Sessions are often conducted by Skype technology, requiring the internet, microphone, and web camera for interactive communication.

Mission Statement

The " New Vision in Learning" program is dedicated to providing high quality instructions and effective methods for presenting educative material. The goal anticipates assisting participants become proficient in communicative competencies, starting at the age of three years old. The further objective entails developing young scholars and leaders for the Second quarter of the twenty-first century.

Hours of operation: 10 am - 6 pm

Cost info: Free to disabled, chronically ill, and low income families.

Student and Volunteer Success Stories

Mr. and Mrs. Aboueid of Jersey City, NJ: "We are pleased with the mental stimulation that the New Vision in Learning program has given my three year old son. He is highly motivated to learn more, and uses what he learns in daily practice".

Single parent Mrs. Cancel commented: "I am happy about my son's educational development in the New Vision in Learning program, it really is a new vision".

Beth a six year old student " enjoyed the refreshing course that helped her read complicated science articles and understand much of the reading. The course has given me superior level in regular school".

Program’s Demographics/Metrics

The New Vision in Learning program embraces

  • Male and female applicants
  • Ages three to adult
  • Disabled applicants
  • Lower income applicants
  • And all who desire strong social operating skills

Program Status: